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Reading Time: 3 minutes a tailor saddled with agreed duties, soon leaves the job of customer A, to attend to C, a new customer. A banker ignores all those who queue in line to attend to special customers. Many restaurants no longer honour the code of first order, first serve. You queue at public offices only to be sidetracked by VIPs who come and go at will. You enter into a contract with a company only to notice how disorderly they are. Entering buses is characterised by who is the smartest and strongest. People overtake each other at car fueling stations. Students study so hard only for the unserious students to beat them to the punch. Maybe the only consistent place of orderliness is at the shopping malls...
Reading Time: 4 minutes Olivia was breaking up with me because she felt I am too sweet? Because I strive at perfection? What exactly is it with women? What is it with relationships and this charade called "being in love" I don't drink, I don't smoke, I'm too coordinated, is that a yardstick for a breakup? In fact, she should be happy. Perhaps, love is not real. Maybe, my friend, Emmanuel Okonkwo is right – ‘interest is the reality’. There is always something to be gained, something one party wants and the other is not ready to compromise on...
Reading Time: 3 minutes Daddy has been raping Olivia since she turned 17. He is a demon in white. Olivia cannot talk to anyone about it. She is scared. Scared of what the society will say, especially after the Nigerian pastor saga and the way it all went. You know, the everlasting stigma it will come with? Scared of the kind of life she would live? Scared of the family reputation, you know - the children of the man who rapes his daughter; the children of a mother who is too busy with her career and does not know that her beautiful daughter has been turned to a sex toy by her own husband...
Reading Time: 3 minutes I handed him the envelope. It was my resignation letter. I couldn't work in such a condition anymore. Dwelling in an agony that I know he knew not of and obviously wouldn't care about…
Reading Time: 3 minutes Caramel skinned he is, tall, well built as a result of possible hours spent in the gym, breathtakingly cute and well-spoken, I always hear my heartbeat, whenever he talks to me...
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Emmanuel Okonkwo

Emmanuel Okonkwo is a professional content/creative/copywriter; and a critic. He is a published writer internationally and locally; the founder and editor of DeCritic. He holds a bachelor degree in Philosophy & Communications; a diploma degree in Copywriting & Marketing; and others. Crazy right? He has worked for and written for some of the world best marketing agencies, influencers, blogs and magazines. He is unique, rational, fun, radical and balanced.

Chinenye Chukwudebelu

Chinenye Chukwudebelu is a professional copywriter/content writer that enjoys writing about brand's products/services and lifestyles. She is also an investment banker and a data analysis enthusiast. She has a great voice and she is shy.

Tobe Nosike

Nosike, Emmanuel Tobe is a professional compere, a creative writer and a brand/media manager. He is also an IT expert and accountant. He loves creative writings and lifestyle. Tobe is playful yet gentle and stubborn. 

Chiamaka Ezeonwuka

Chiamaka Ezeonwuka (Dinma Caruso) is a professional digital marketer and blogger. She has an extensive experience in marketing and digital marketing. She is good with people. Chiamaka is a disciplinarian as well as a fun lady. She is blunt, daring, considerate and a goal-getter. 

Felix Echeta

Felix Echeta is a copywriter, video editor, and PR expert with lots of experience to show for it. He is straight-face funny and the spirit of the PR department. Felix is also a blunt writer and he loves to play around with video content.

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decritic best copywriter in Nigeria won awards as the leading copywriters and digital pr and critics