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In this COVID-19 era, we have witnessed an unavoidable increase in the rate of collaborations both on a small and large scale. Elon Musk’s electric cars manufacturing company, Tesla, is in collaboration with Medtronic, a medical device company, for the manufacturing of ventilators. General Motors, a multinational corporation on vehicle parts, is also partnering with medical device production companies to produce respirators, ventilators, Plastic Face shield, etc. It seems, while some companies are folding up and shutting down, intelligent companies are focusing on collaborations and rising. From the establishment and rise of multi-million-dollar companies, history has shown that the best way to rise to and remain at the top is through effective collaboration.

Collaboration which is the coming together of two companies or individuals with comparative resources to solve a problem and share its rewards can be executed both internally and externally in a business.

Internal Business Collaborations

In this time of a global pandemic and stay at home order, you along with your team task force and thinking force must form a collaboration among yourselves to ensure the continuation of business projects.  Through the use of a virtual workspace and various software that aid team members working remotely to stay connected, small group collaborations can be formed.  Some businesses leave team members to work individually from home, but where is the room for shared knowledge and ideas? It is best and highly important that you build collaborative cultures for your employees as they work remotely.

External Business Collaboration

The corona virus pandemic has brought about a supply and demand shift in the marketplace. Things have changed. While all these are happening, intelligent business owners are asking the right questions –“Where are my customers attention shifting to and why?”, “What do my customers need?”, “What businesses can I collaborate with that could increase my business as well as customers satisfaction?”  As a business owner in this pandemic era, strategic collaboration with businesses within or outside your niche is an excellent way to maximize profit and increase customer base while ensuring customer’s satisfaction. Collaboration is indeed the new gold.

Should Business Owners Engage Copywriters?

Why should business collaborative effort include engaging a Copywriting Agency? You see, the most valuable asset of any business is its customer base, which must be refreshed and increased. As a business, you need copywriters so as to firmly maintain existing customers and constantly increase customer base. Do not be a jack of all trade. Expert copywriters can help you write out engaging emails for your email marketing; help you write engaging posts/articles on your blog; make your website contents favorable for search engine optimization; help your marketing team write ad words that will engage your target audience; collaborate with graphics team to create powerful contents on your media handles, etc. No, you don’t want a copywriting agency, you need one.

Written by Joseph Oche
Joshua, Oche Joseph is a mechanical engineer. He is also a trained professional writer. Joseph is enthusiastic about righting wrongs, passionate about goals, and hardworking towards life.