How much do Copywriters in Nigeria charge per word article?

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 How much do Copywriters in Nigeria charge per word article?

Let me begin by saying two things. 1. The standard charge for professional (experienced) copywriters should not depend on the country because the same skills are required of a professional writer wherever he/she is. 2. There is no fixed price for copywriters it is based on negotiations.

In considering Price, copywriters worry about attracting customers and they, therefore, consider a lot of factors like – location, experience level, special skills (like SEO engineering, special email marketing development, human/readers psychology, research skills, proper hyperlinking and pingbacks, marketing skills, meta-titles, meta-description, etc), not being known or in demand, etc.

Hold on to that thought, I will delve to Nigeria shortly.

In UK/EU Procopywriters found that 50% of copywriters charge a project fee. 47% of copywriters charge by the hour, and 6% charge per word. Having said that, they mostly charge £30 to £100 per hour.

In America, you have the fees as follows:

In Nigeria, a lot of amateur copywriters flocked to freelancers platforms and made the fate of Nigerian copywriters a living hell. Even so, companies who employ them are worse for it. Some realise it and some never do, because they do not know that a copywriter should have some high-level skills like SEO engineering, basic consumer psychology, marketing skills, etc. They get less because they pay less. In those sites, you could see some hungry writers take as low as 2naira per word. This is why some experts do not border to take Nigerian briefs.

So in Nigeria, here is the price tag for copywriters per word:

Entry-level = N1 – N20 per word

Intermediate level = N21 – N40 per word

Experienced level = N40 – 50 per word

In-Demand Expert = N50 – N100 per word.

You can find In-Demand Experts and Experienced writers at and other private sites.

You can find many entry-level writers and intermediate ones at

What do you want? That is the question.

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