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– That is what we are about in this category. Giving our family of readers and business-clients uncommon opportunities out there. Either you are looking for a business brief, or a job-seeker tired of Nigeria Salaries or afraid of losing your job in this pandemic, stay tuned and find one befitting category for you.

Procurement Opportunities

Are you a consultant, IT or logistics company, etc, try checking on these chances and find your way around what suits you.

Senior technical writer

Remote, even if you are not in Francisco.

Maths Expert

If you are good at Maths, there it is.

Sr. Java/Spring Developer

If you are an expert developer in Java/Spring, try this.

Freelance Audio/Video Transcription

Scribie is looking for freelance audio/video transcriber. Stay at the comfort of your home.


7 years experience, wish to work for UNDP related to UN? Here is your chance.

Graphic Designer

With. 3years experience or more? Try this. Fully remote. Apply via the link but get your requirements here – https://jobs.lever.co/sketch/6b91b5f2-28dc-4b13-870e-2a3b9a738cbd

Part-time virtual editors

2years experience or more? Find your digital steps here.

Technical Documentation Writer

At Chainlink – SmartContract Chainlink Limited. Be sure you have the experience, – solidity, javascript, cryptocurrency, blockchain, etc.

Finance and Banking Translator

At Welocalize. Do you know English and any other native target language very well? You are needed here for a translation. But make sure you are familiar with CAT Tool.

Python Development Teacher at OpenClassrooms

Python, Algorithm or Django, or Pycharm, that kind of stuff? Wish you the best.

Senior Digital Marketer

3years or more years of experience? SEO, digital marketing, research and data? Sounding familiar? Try it.

HR/Recruiter at Coalition Technologies

Live the HR dream job while at your house. Ready for the pressure? Click on.

English Editor at UN Women

This is sounding juicy right? Well, it is. 1year experience from wherever you are. And yes, women/ladies are preferred.

Quality Assurance Manager at Time Doctor

3years experience as a QA engineer and experienced in managing a team. Hurry. They don’t need your presence.

Marketing Manager at gigaaa

Did you study marketing or mass comm or any similar course? Do you know about digital marketing and Google analytics? Welcome on board.

Digital Graphic Designer at Foundr Magazine

How exciting it is to be a digital graphic designer for a magazine, wow, so many things to play with. Just be sure you have 4years experience.


This one is not a job; it is something we know you have been dying for. Get a free MBA there. Why pay millions for an MBA?

Alright, that is it for now people. You like what we do and tired of going to job HR sites that seek out your life’s details for their personal gain? Just drop your email below and you will always get our opportunity info, linking you directly to the main source, or don’t. The choice is yours.

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Emmanuel Okonkwo is a professional content/creative/copywriter; a critic and a lawyer. He is a published writer internationally and locally; the founder and editor of De Critic. He holds a bachelor degree in Philosophy & Communications; a diploma degree in Copywriting & Marketing; and others. Crazy right? He has written for some of the world best marketing agencies, influencers, blogs and magazines. He is unique, rational, fun, radical and balanced.

Chinenye Chukwudebelu

Chinenye Chukwudebelu is a professional copywriter/content writer that enjoys writing about brand's products/services and lifestyles. She is also an investment banker and a data analysis enthusiast. She has a great voice and she is shy.

Tobe Nosike

Nosike, Emmanuel Tobe is a professional compere, a creative writer and a brand/media manager. He is also an IT expert and accountant. He loves creative writings and lifestyle. Tobe is playful yet gentle and stubborn. 

Nicoline Kriek

Nicoine Kriek is a distinguished marketer, who studied advertising at the AAA School of Ads, where she graduated with distinctions and awards. She is currently doing law, and she is a business guru. Nicoline is a funny and crazy one, the room is never boring with her on board.

Chiamaka Ezeonwuka

Chiamaka Ezeonwuka (Dinma Caruso) is a professional digital marketer and blogger. She has an extensive experience in marketing and digital marketing. She is good with people. Chiamaka is a disciplinarian as well as a fun lady. She is blunt, daring, considerate and a goal-getter. 

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