What Everyone Should Know About How to Convince Prospects

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What Everyone Should Know About How to Convince Prospects

As you carefully read each and every word in this article, you will begin to discover revolutionary methods great salesmen of all time apply to convince their prospects. Are you a student, a marketer, a professional, or a business owner? trying to convince a parent, an employer, a boss, or a client? Whoever you are, we all have prospects, and knowing how to convince them is key to the ultimate goal of every salesman.

Have you ever been rejected before? Continuously, a lot of people – brilliant and confident- keep getting ‘No, I’m not interested’ from prospects and people when they make an attempt to sell something – themselves, their products, their ideas. Why? Are they bad people? Do their ideas or products suck? Probably not. The simple reason is they do not know how to convince their prospects to buy from them!

First of all, who is a prospect? A prospect is anyone you can approach to sell an idea, service, or product to and there is one thing they all possess- Choices! Prospects have varieties of other products and ideas competing with yours to buy. All prospects, before purchasing anything, consider solutions and alternatives, and see which best can solve their problems. Therefore you have to show your prospects how your service or product is superior, not in a general sense, but as a solution to their particular want or need. You see, people don’t buy their way into something; they buy their way out of something. So, as a person looking to convince a prospect to purchase from you, you should know and resonate with their beliefs, wishes, and needs.

Another important element to consider is competition. Many salesmen ignore the competition and talk only about their own products, leaving the comparison with their competition to the prospect. This in the end could leave you on the losing side. Tell prospects exactly how your product has better features. Do not in any way bring down your competition for it is unethical and can put you in a bad light to your prospect. When you directly relate your product or service to your customer’s wants and needs and show how it’s superior to the competition, your job becomes much easier.

Prospects have problems, and like you, they want it solved. They want to eradicate whatever is a hindrance or a negative influence in their life and helping them do it could be your Well, the feature of whatever you want to sell to them may be important, same as the advantage, but nobody will care if doesn’t solve their problem. Prospects care about the benefits of using your product or idea, not its great features. The benefit is the payoff, the reward of the advantage. It is the value a feature provides to the prospect.

Lastly, one thing to keep in mind when trying to convince prospects is people do not only buy because it is logical, they also buy because it feels emotionally right. You see, convincing people is a mind game so you need to get to your prospect’s head, not to steal from them, but to show them their problems, how you can solve them and why you are the right person to do it. And you had better deliver on your words.

As a salesman, being brilliant and confident is good, but having this knowledge at the tip of your fingers will definitely put you on the path of becoming an excellent salesman.

Written by Joseph Oche
Joshua, Oche Joseph is a mechanical engineer. He is also a trained professional writer. Joseph is enthusiastic about righting wrongs, passionate about goals, and hardworking towards life.