‘Winter is here’: a story of words and business strategy

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 ‘Winter Is Here’: A story of words and business strategy.

Microsoft reported a surge in usage of its cloud computing service Azure, as millions of people work from home. Amazon is hiring an additional 75,000 workers, on top of the 100,000 it hired last month, to cope with increased demand for its online delivery service. The number of video calls and messaging on Facebook has exploded. YouTube Kids, owned by Google, was the most streamed app in the first quarter of 2020, following the closure of most nurseries and schools. So while your business may be suffocating, these ones are booming. Read on!

What is to be learnt from them? These companies saw ahead of the effect of the COVID19 and lockdown, and instead of struggling to counter-survive, they flowed with the tide using the blue ocean strategy. While others are struggling for leads in the ocean and because there is “scarcity” of leads, some businesses are dying; the Ocean is becoming red with blood. Do you see the graphic? Pause.

Stop thinking or working out ways how you can survive, simply ponder on how your customers and clients will survive. That is what you want to do. Quit the survival ocean and swim to the high value-adding ocean. That is what your business strategy should be like. But We are concerned about words. So how do words come to play?

The strategy presents “words in the opposite direction” and that is what any good copywriting and PR this period should be like – stop selling the brand, sell the customers interest.


Winter is here, a story of words and business strategy

In our virtual seminar last week to the copywriting & PR departments of our clients, we taught them an important rule – ‘connection first, sales later’. To achieve that connection, your communications, now more than ever, should play the blue ocean strategy – how do I help my potential customer to swim through this?

I would love to explore more, but my team awaits me for some email-drip marketing for a client’s customer discovery. Subscribe and comment to be sure to get our next discuss – ‘Winter is here’: a story of words and effective email marketing.


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Written by Joseph Oche
Joshua, Oche Joseph is a mechanical engineer. He is also a trained professional writer. Joseph is enthusiastic about righting wrongs, passionate about goals, and hardworking towards life.