Your Brand Colour Could Be Your Limitation

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Your Brand Colour Could Be Your Limitation

Think yellow brand and MTN come to mind. Think red and white and you visualise UBA. When a brand name becomes too casual, colour adds brightness to the brand and blossoms the brand in the minds of its viewers, just like a virgin blossom during her first true love. Some forms of emotion are awoken whenever certain colours are witnessed, while some colour simply irritates the eye unconsciously and provokes the viewer to scroll away. The power of colour!

Successful brands recognize the importance of colour because it promotes easy brand recall. Colour is the fabric of a brand’s identity and if chosen right, it leaves a lasting impression in the mind of the consumer. In choosing a colour for your brand, it is imperative that you put aside personal sentiments, and ensure that the colour represents the core of your brand story. The way the brain is wired, it is triggered by the waves of colour. A typical case in point, the colour pink and the little girl child. To an average little girl, pink elicits beauty and prettiness. In the subconscious of the child, even if a pink bunch of broomsticks was presented to her, the endearment for pink will be transferred to the broomsticks. The power of colour!

Colour is as significant as the rays of light that pass through our optic nerves and goes straight to the brain – it sticks! A colour with rays of hope gives a sense of assurance of a better future – and people resonate with it. That is why the colour black is rarely used as a singular colour in promoting a brand; It is usually combined with more attractive colours. I remember a time I was house hunting, and I came across a very beautiful flat. The furniture and interiors were amazing, but I was put off by the black wall painting. I actually assumed that the previous tenant was shady. Of course, I did not take the house, as attractive as the interior decorations were. The power of colour!

Colour is not only germane to marketing/ads and graphic designs. We (at De Critic) have also found it extremely useful for our PR and copywriting services. For highly successful brands, colour goes beyond emotion. It is inculcated in the overall business strategy. There are various elements to be considered when choosing the colour of your brand. Because of the ambiguity of these factors, they will be addressed one step at a time with examples, in my next write up.

Overall, choosing a brand colour should be very strategic to your business and shouldn’t be guided by personal interests or external influences. The right colours would reinforce your brand’s core message and set it apart from that of your competitors. Do not be afraid to send your choice of logo/design colour to De Critic for unbiased criticism.

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Written by Chiamaka Ezeonwuka
Chiamaka Ezeonwuka (Dinma Caruso) is a professional business development executive. When she is not improving brands and businesses, she scribbles about everything. She is always ready to take up a new challenge and she is not afraid to go the extra mile. She can also take you on a karaoke battle!