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I killed him because I love him

Johnson came home tipsy at exactly 9:50 pm. He had been drinking, with the aim of letting go of all thoughts of Christabel. However, if drinking is the solution to forgetting someone, the world would be a better place. He walked into his living room which always smelled of Christabel, but no longer did, and just like every other day in the past years, he sat on his couch and called, ‘I am home my love.’ He got no response, then he realized that the apartment was empty and so was his entire life. He got a glance of a white paper on the glass table in front of him, it was a note written in Christabel’s handwriting. It said…

Dear Johnson,

There is no greater feeling than staying with one whom you know loves and appreciates you for everything you do. When you whisper into my ear, I feel safe. When you hold me, I get a reassurance that you will always be with me. I always believed that the word ‘soulmate’ was nothing but a nomenclature, but you gave me every reason to have a rethink. You are my Soulmate, I choose you, and I’ll choose you over and over. Every moment that I spent with you is like a fantasy come true. You don’t cross my mind, you live in it, and there is no better place to be than in your arms.

When the doctor gave us the sad news of our inability to get married due to our unsuitable genotypes, then I realized that life is cruel for those who want to be happy. The doctor gave us the option of getting married and not making babies, but you have always loved babies and wanted your own. Then he said we could do a genotype test of the fetus whenever I get pregnant and if the child is SS, I will abort, till we make the right one. Johnson, I am ready to undergo as many abortions as possible until we make the right, healthy baby. But then you stood against it. Walking away from what we had has given me every reason to have a rethink of the love you professed. Love is all about sacrifice and compromise, but you were not willing to make that sacrifice. Being with you was a necessity for me, and now, missing you has become a torture. My nights are long and sleepless without you. Life isn’t always easy, but with you by my side, it’s a lot easier.

 As you read this note, I trust that it will be within the timing of 8-10 pm. If by 10:30 pm I cannot see your face, I’ll drink the poison that I have in my hand because I’d rather be with my creator than live without you here. I hope that heaven opens its doors to me. If only you can save me. The clock ticks…When you find me dead, please kiss my cheeks, then I will rest in peace.

Johnson ran out of his apartment and drove off like a man whose house is on fire. He was driving on a 140-speed level and he was just one street away from Christabel when a truck coming in high speed from the opposite direction ran into him. His phone rang. It was Christabel. With his last strength, he answered, ‘I had an accident. Please, live.’ His lungs failed him, and the phone fell from his hands. With his last breath, he could hear Christabel’s fading voice ‘Wait, I command you not to die… I can’t believe that I am killing you because I love you…’


The sad story of Johnson and Christabel reflects the daily struggle lovers encounter in the journey of finding a life’s partner. Most times, we fall in love before we remember to ask, ‘what is your genotype?’. Besides, some persons consider it rude to ask anytime soon. Medical advancements and technologies that have been whispered to possess solutions for genotype problems remain far from the reach of the common people. Love, itself, is not a logical or mechanical process to be planned, and so its victims find themselves in love. I suppose we must put aside our personal differences of what is rude or not, and feel free to ask and answer the ultimate question before taking any intimate step – what is your genotype and blood group? What do you think, reader?

Tobe Nosike is a creative writer at De Critic. De Critic is a leading content/copywriting and PR agency in Nigeria and has been awarded to be amongst the 10 best. We help businesses and individuals handle their writing for ads, blogs, websites, magazines, products, music, films, et al. We also handle their public relation needs.


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  1. Very touching story young people should always discuss their blood group and genotype before the relationship sink into their soul. But I felt bad for the two of them

  2. Nice one and a touching story. I will advice young couples that before going deep in love that they should check their genotype so as not to find themselves in this situation. Thank you

  3. I can’t disagree. But I don’t think it’s okay to say “hey pretty lady, what’s your name? Christabel. What’s your genotype? ….
    The relationship must have been away from the shore at least..

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