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3things brands must consider to resonate consumers interest in TV commercials
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3 things brands must consider to resonate consumers interest in TV commercials

With the lockdown comes the rejuvenation of consumers interest in TV. Consumers of TV programs are often caught in the magic wand of the program or movie they are watching. Straying away from the program to promote ads can be infuriating for consumers. The sad truth is if the program is worth that much to them, they will remain despite the ads. But as soon as the ads part comes to play one of two things happen:

  • they either pick their phone or do something else during the boring ad run, or
  • the ads strike their interest so good that they are forced to watch the ad to the end.

The truth is – the consumer behaviour to your ad will depend on the strength of your ad. But a lot of ad agencies and business brands are not really taking note, hence a lot of failed ads like:

Malaria Drugs – Anytime these ads come to play they always irritate and annoy consumers. There is always the family story and the drug that saved the day. Whatever happens to ‘telling a different story’? The best brand to tell that story has over 11571958 customers affected by malaria and counting. Tell the story that wins. The only ad we found interesting was ‘Man’s dreadful -Mortein’.

Heritage Bank – this one paints the picture of a motivational speaker or culture rooted idealist. Are they expecting us to go back to the days of trade by barter? It’s boring. A brand story that must win the consumers interest is one of a better credit interest, lesser interest on loans, or some sort of investment promotion, etc. The truth is that most traditional financial institutions are losing the gains they should make to new generation financial strategies like crowdfunding, petty investment, better interest, and other fin-tech opportunities. Any story which fails to address what the Millenials and GenZ wishes to hear has failed. Maybe they are content with older generations. Let’s have this conversation again in 20years time.

TomTom – the story they tell looks fake. Whatever story they must tell must go beyond the fresh hot spicy mint, and tell us why we should have that in our system. That explains why their greatest patronisers are those who smoke. Recently, people are no longer interested in hiding from societal stigma. The society has embraced smokers. So, the need for tomtom may deflate. What will you do, then?

SAMVITA – Samvita ad was coming up just fine until the last voice-over-the-mic came, saying ‘Samvita…for healthy living.’ Ooops… that just triggered our displeasure. Please reshoot and get rid of that voice and words. There are thousand and one voice-over artists in Nigeria. Decritic don’t mind recommending some for free.

ENVIRON Health Drink – Eviron, a new brand that we expect a great ad from. Whoever directed that court scene and the singing, failed the brand.

Let’s talk about 3 things brands must consider to provoke consumers interest in TV commercials

We don’t care what you think you have learnt from ad school or marketing classes. When it comes to TV commercials, your ads better reflect on these 3 factors:

  • Let your ad align with the nature of the programme – If we are watching a movie like Game of Thrones and you suddenly begin to show us, two guys, drinking in a bar or a drink claiming to be the drink for all, you have failed. You want to show us a lady like Arya Stark running and being chased for the kill; she is weak and she fell; suddenly, she sees Malta Guinness from the maize or bailey, she drinks it and gains the strength to fly over the bridge to safety. Wow! we will watch that ad till the end with pleasure; we will remember the story and we will remember Malta Guinness. Want the perfect ad? Try – Doingsoon, Brand Envoy Africa, Firstcam Creative Studios, Nelson Reids, Foxtel Brands.
  • Give us the fitting words on marble – With a good meal comes the perfect drink for digestion. You don’t want to leave those words at the whim and caprice of generic marketers or ad agents. No. You don’t want to make some verbose claims that will irritate consumers or bring regulatory bodies chasing you. The words should be realistic, inspiring, and memorable. You need specialists, one of the best copywriting agency at your corner, and Decritic is the one you want to contact.
  • Don’t forget the perfect length – Your story and everything in it must never break the rule of time. Consumers don’t want to start feeling choked. Remember we are talking about TV commercials here. Forget about the arguments, 15 seconds is too short to take over the dramatic magnitude of TV, forget the 60 seconds ad. Go for the 30 seconds ads. It has never failed the expert, and it will never fail the expert.

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  1. I always enjoy Glo and Airtel ads, the way they pass information with their hilarious comedy. It keeps you glued to the screen to see how it plays out. Awesome write up once again, I’ve been educated

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