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30 Words SMS – Background

Our client, XYZ, has read our blog article titled Taking Advantage of The Neglected Power of SMS. Our client who is into fashion and clothing now wishes to send an SMS to all its subscribed users and potential users.

You want to become part of De Critic, an expert Copywriting/PR agency that has been awarded to be among the top 10 best and nominated for Africa Excellence Award for copywriting 2020. De Critic has now requested that you, a Nigerian copywriter or copywriting enthusiast, write an SMS of a maximum of 30 words, promoting XYZ fashion-clothing and calling customers/potential customers to action.

30 Words Copywriting – Guidelines

  • You are strongly advised to read Taking Advantage of The Neglected Power of SMS. It is not mandatory.
  • You are to click and follow the following handles for feedback and information – and
  • Then, you must make only 1 comment which will be your 30 words SMS in the comment session below. Your message will be approved, give it time.
  • You have 30 words to compose an SMS convincing potential consumers to buy XYZ fashion wears, use as the landing page for XYZ.
  • Remember to fill and tick on all subscription boxes in the comment session below so that the system can record your detail and enable us to get back to you.
  • You may share with your friends to compete and you may invite your friends to like your submitted SMS after posting and approval. The most-like receives an extra score of 1%, subject to having passed our judges’ grades.

30 Words Copywriting Competition – Results & Rewards

  • The winner shall receive N10,000.00 into his or her account. We will contact the person.
  • The winner shall get an offer to join De Critic Team.
  • The winner gets to be trained or improved by expert copywriters in-house.
  • The winner shall be published on our website/blog and on our social media handles.
  • The winner gets to write for De Critic and publish his/her works from time to time.
  • The winner gets a certificate from us as evidence of being a winner.
  • Results will be published on 6th September 2020. Remember to follow all the guidelines above so as not to miss out.

Let the competition begin in the comments below! Good luck! (Copywriters from other countries stay tuned – do not forget to subscribe to stay informed).


20 Responses

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