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Covid19 companies making gains in 2020
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The Coronavirus pandemic has caused an abrupt disruption of all human activities worldwide and led to the infection and death of thousands of individuals globally. But amidst all these brouhahas, it has also become a business booster for some companies. On the 20th of February, 2020, the global stock market crashed but this has not affected the fast-rising demand for the following brand products and services. De critic, reveals:

Companies making huge gains in 2020 despite Covid-19




With millions of people forced to stay at home as a result of the coronavirus outbreak, people try to find new ways to occupy their time. Entertainment becomes the escapism, the goldmine. As a result, video streaming on Netflix has skyrocketed in recent weeks. This unavoidably has caused Netflix to throttle its video quality to avoid internet congestion. The video streaming platform, Netflix, in conjunction with Google Chrome created a new unique function called Netflix Party, allowing a group of people to view content together at the same time and guess what, it is absolutely free, requiring only a Netflix subscription and a Google Chrome browser. Wow.




With the restrictions on movement worldwide and the fear of getting infected with the virus, there is only one convenient way to shop – online. The coronavirus outbreak has caused a surge in online shopping that Amazon, the no. I American online shop, is having a difficult time meeting customers demands. This has to lead to an extension in delivery time as demand keeps increasing due to the virus spread. They currently are looking to employ more people in order to meet demands and are limiting orders to only household essentials to help people survive this trying period.




With people constantly finding ways to maintain personal hygiene, Alcohol-based hand sanitizer, Purell, saw a 1400 per cent increase in demand between December 2019 and January 2020. With the need to always keep hands germs-free as a preventive measure for the spread of coronavirus, the hand sanitizer automatically became the first choice for many. Retail stores in no time started running out of hand sanitizers even after production was vamped up. Are you thinking what I am thinking?



Video conferencing platform, Zoom, primarily created to facilitate working remotely and for virtual conference, meetings are currently being used far beyond its intended professional purpose. Not only is there an abrupt increase in users due to people trying to work from home to prevent the infection and spread of coronavirus, but also due to schools trying to conduct online classes for their students and individuals trying to stay close and connected to friends and family during the lockdown. The platform has recorded an addition of about 2.2 million users in the first quarter of 2020 as against the total addition of 1.99 million users in 2019. My gosh!



The Clorox Company, a global manufacturer and marketer of consumer and professional products, is well known for its cleaning and bleach products. As the coronavirus continues to spread, consumers have been stockpiling products like wipes and other cleaning items as part of the effort to curb the virus. This has lead to a higher demand for Clorox’s products especially with the news that the virus can survive for hours in the air and on various surfaces. (#coughs, Emmanuel did you use Clorox after touching my pen!)



Moderna, a biotechnology company focused on drug discovery and drug development based on messenger RNA, in January 2020, announced the development of a vaccine to inhibit COVID-19 coronavirus. This caught the attention of investors and various governments. On February 24, 2020, a batch of vaccine was shipped to the infectious disease institute for us in trial and by March 2020, the Phase I human study of the vaccine candidate began in partnership with the US National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases making Moderna the first company to reach a clinical trial. Damn!

Do you now see why some businesses grow richer and others poorer? In case you still don’t understand, give me a comment and rating here, then click this link to understand – Take advantage when there is a crisis! 

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  1. Nicely written. No matter the problem there are people who make profit out of it

  2. These are deep insights. Some are crashing out but few are cashing in. Atleast thanks to u we know some of the companies that are

  3. Awesome piece!!!
    Very informative and detailed. I actually noticed Netflix works better without lags despite the supposed congestion it has this period….
    Nice work Chinenye!!!

  4. The above are always going to be big earners during this period and will remain the best places one can invest, even after the corona virus scare… Nicely researched and put together.

  5. Wow!!! This is interesting. In life, one Party will gain & another party lose.

  6. Wow… regardless of any situation there’s always someone benefiting from it.

  7. Fact!…though these are just few of the many benefitting from this pandemic.
    Nice observation,keep it up.

  8. Very informative, this shows that there is a goldmine in every situation, you just need the right ideas to access it

    • Thumbs up. Nicely Constructed. Well I would prefer to attribute some situations of life to that of a rolling 🎲. Today is lowest number for Mr A and Mr B goes with highest number. Tomorrow it’s vice versa. More grease to your elbow.

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