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Hero Brands Fighting for Nigeria Against Covid-19 

As the worldwide pandemic, coronavirus continues to wreak havoc to the global medical industry, Nigeria is not left out as the number increases each passing day.


Most medical personnel are out there risking their lives, as well as our law enforcement agencies, logistics companies, etc. these are real Nigerian heroes and we must respect them.

Corporate Organizations

Access Bank – 1 billion naira

Guarantee Trust Bank -1 billion naira

Zenith Bank – 1 billion naira

Sterling Bank – 250 million naira

Aliko Dangote Foundation – 200 million naira

First Bank of Nigeria – Partnering with the Nigerian government, the United Nations (UN) and innovative technology firms to provide e-learning solutions to keep students engaged while the lockdown continues

Keystone Bank – 1 billion Naira

UBA (United Bank of Africa) – 5 billion naira

One of Nigerian heroes in covid 19


Private individuals and big corporations have come out to lend their support to the Nigerian government as well, some under the auspices of the Private Sector Coalition Against COVID-19, where at least N1 billion each was contributed, and some contributed out of their own private volition, to support the battle against the infection and spread of coronavirus. Here is a list of these individuals and corporations that have so far sent or pledged their various forms of support

NNPC, together with 33 other oil companies -11 billion naira with Mr/Mrs Modupe and Folorunso Alakija at the war front (donating 1 Billion Naira).

Aliko Dangote – 1 billion naira

Abdulsamad Rabiu- 1 billion naira

Femi Otedola- 1 billion naira

Herbert Nwigwe- 1 billion naira

Tony Elumelu – 1 billion naira

Segun Agbaje – 1 billion naira

Jimi Ovia – 1 billion naira

Atiku Abubakar- 50 million naira

Jack Ma – 100,000 face masks, 1,000 protective gowns and 20,000 test kits.

2Face Idibia – 10 million naira


The actions of the private sector are commendable and show their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). It is shocking to see them respond swiftly to a government many have described as ‘witch-hunt’ and ‘draconian’ using the EFCC and other measures. At a time like this, even the opposition party supports. This speaks well of us. Does it tell a story of love or fear? What do you think?


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  1. Its always a pleasure perusing through your articles always something new to learn. Keep up the good work on shaping our country through your life saving details on quality control

  2. I’ve also been very impressed by the collective efforts of individuals and institutions during this corona virus pandemic. I hope we keep this unity up when things go back to normal.
    Nice write up👍👍👍

  3. OMG, I always look forward to your right up, finally, I am able to comment. Yippee 💃🏼💃🏼
    Great right up.

  4. I believe their actions are largely influenced by fear. However, their donations are commendable, we can only hope and pray that the funds are utilized for the purpose which they were donated. God be with us 🙏🏾

  5. Good content, thanks for the information. I hope it’s a start to a sustainable growth

  6. Nice article. I think more should be put into documenting the effects of the pandemic and how it was tackled, so we can learn from this in the future

  7. I can’t but applaud these private organisations and individuals(known and unknown) who have contributed so far in fighting this virus.

  8. Well articulated.
    Though, going through the statistical breakdown of the donations, my worries is that the current inhumane and deceitful APC led government won’t stop at nothing in looting the fund for the fight of the deadly virus.
    Yet notwithstanding that Covid-19 is a global and national disaster that spare no one.

    • I understand your concern Obuna. Private individuals can only do their part and hope for the government to act in the best interest of the citizens. I have faith that the government would do the right thing.

  9. I think it tells a story of love but importantly responsibility and humanity. it’s shows we have several commendable individuals leading different sectors especially private sectors and even the entertainment industry. People who see far, who see CSR as a part they must play in a society they belong. I’m happy to see them do this. And yes we must raise voices of commendations to good acts and not only tinkering noise of criticism of bad ones.

  10. Great, this is what’s expected of us “to value one another” Nigeria can be great again

  11. Great article and it’s done the needful which is commending health workers and the likes for their enormous service to the nation and of course, the great support/encouragement from the elite… Arguably, I think it’s fair to say that the solidarity everyone has shown by coming together as one, differences aside, to fight this pandemic should not be allowed to go unnoticed.

    • Its a good thing that we have individuals and even private companies giving to this cause….it shows the love still coexist amongst us….
      But my fear is if the government will actually put this money been donated to use to tackle this covid-19 issue….

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