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Ever heard of the saying “first impressions matter?” That is true because a good amount of friendships develop from a positive first impression of one to another. This notion of first impressions is not just ascribed to relationships between human beings, but also between brands and consumers. According to research, you have 7 seconds to make a first impression so your brand needs to be well-designed from the get-go, with a clear message. This is similar to how friendships are built between individuals, based on a positive first impression of one’s personality. Thus, for there to be a lasting relationship between your brand and your customers; your brand must have a personality so that it resonates with the right consumer.

A brand personality is a set of human traits that are attributed to a brand name. It is something to which a consumer can relate; a consistent set of characteristics that a specific consumer segment enjoys. This personality is an added value to the functional benefits a brand gains. Creating a personality for your brand helps influence how people feel about your product, service or mission. It evokes an emotional reaction in the targeted consumer segment, inciting positive actions that are beneficial to your brand and company.

It is pertinent to note that while creating a logo and a slogan can contribute to giving your brand a personality, but they are not enough. It is generating an experience that communicates the essence of what your brand represents, and the satisfaction of which you would like consumers to enjoy. A study conducted by Motista discovered that consumers are more likely to spend on a brand which they instinctively feel an emotional connection to, and in order to create this connection between your brand and consumers, your brand must have a personality trait that appeals to consumers.

Brand Personality Traits

These are human traits that brands give off when they are used by the consumers, and according to Jennifer Aaker, there are five key brand personality traits:

  • Competence: Is your brand reliable, dependable, and efficient? Then competence is definitely the personality you should adopt for your brand. Microsoft has a brand personality that reflects competence. It maintains the status of efficiency, and reliability in all its products, taking performance as one of its greatest assets.
  • Sincerity: This brand personality trait showcases that a brand has honest, genuine and cheerful attributes. It has been revealed that Amazon is one of the world’s most trusted brands. It is very sincere and has exceptional product accessibility. The CEO, Jeff Bezos is customer-focused and does well to back up his words with actions that benefit the customer. So, if sincerity seems like your brand’s personality trait, be sure to put in the effort. 
  • Sophistication: A brand associated with being glamorous, charming and smooth has sophistication as its personality trait. Apple, despite being a tech company, has a very sophisticated brand. Apple products are classy and simple, as is evident in how they are presented and marketed. Little wonder Steve Jobs sums up the nature of his brand in the words “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”
  • Excitement: A brand with an exciting personality is daring, imaginative and up-to-date. It must stir up excitement within its consumers, and this is what Nike, a popular sporting brand, does. Nike has an active personality, and equally inspires its users to do so. As a company, their brand slogan “Just Do It” has a vibrant ring to it, and pushes one to do more.
  • Ruggedness:  Like the word implies, any brand with this personality must have the qualities of being strong, daring and outdoorsy. A brand that brings these adjectives to life is Jeep. Jeep is more than a vehicle; it is an expression of a personal statement and a representation of bold attitudes. One of the many themes of Jeep commercials is “Have fun out there,” and this gives its customers room for the expression of self.

Creating your Brand Personality

Having known the types of brand personality traits, the next step is to create one for your brand. One way to do this is by knowing the target customers. By intimately knowing your customers, you are able to create a brand personality in a way that appeals to them, reflects whom they are and establishes a positive first impression with them. Consumers are constantly out for products and services that make them feel good, or make life better for them.

 Another way is to write a list of adjectives that resonate with your brand, and then make your choice. However, this has proven to be quite tasking and confusing for a lot of brand owners who do not have a lot of time to spare, but the amazing thing is that De Critic can help in creating a personality for your brand with its qualified and competent PR officers. Reach out to us today and give your brand a personality your customer will never forget – or +2348119832176.


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