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Finding that one person who completes you, someone who is going to be your companion throughout life and your biggest support is one thing most people aspire to do at some point in life. Although loving the one person your heart chooses is as easy as breathing, the head needs to do a lot of thinking. Marriage is a lifetime journey and though the road is not always smooth, a better understanding can assist you on your way. There are many tips out there offering several advice but after careful studies and experience, I have carefully filtered these advice into 5 things to know before marriage.

things to know before you marry

Here are 5 things to know before you take that first step.

  1. BE SELFISH: This is unusual advice when talking about a relationship, but it is going to be difficult to have a good marriage if the individuals in it are not happy. You must keep asking yourself, will I be happy in the long term with this person? What are my partner’s expectations of me in marriage and am I willing and able to fulfill those expectations and vice versa? So, talk about your dreams, aspirations, and expectations and know if your partner is willing to support your dreams and aspirations and meet your expectations.
  2. DO NOT IGNORE THE RED FLAGS: People rarely change and those that do never do so instantaneously. It takes donkey years. Seeing some red flags in your partner’s behavior and believing that you can change the person, or the person will change for you after marriage usually ends, as some would say, in tears. If anything, that behavior would increase due to newfound comfort. Talk is cheap, so regardless of any excuse, always consider the person’s actions and decide if you are ready to accommodate such behavior for life or not.
  3. COMMUNICATION IS KEY: Talking to someone to pass information sounds simple enough but try it when both of you are angry and irritated. It is extremely important for you and your partner to find a healthy way to air your views, especially in tense situations or when you both have conflicting opinions. Listen to understand, then to be understood. If communicating in tense situations constantly leaves one party feeling disrespected or belittled, even simple conversations would be avoided and eventually this could put a strain on the relationship.
  4. KNOW THE LOVE LANGUAGE: It is easy to love someone, but do you love your partner the way they want to be loved and vice versa? Making your partner feel loved does not always have to be something complex or elaborate and could be as simple as using words of affirmation or lending a helping hand. Find out what that is.
  5. FORGIVENESS IS A MUST: Two people from diverse backgrounds coming together to live under one roof is surely not going to be a walk in the park. There is going to be a clash of opinions, different ideologies, and disagreements. More often, you both will step on each other’s toes. You would need to learn to compromise and constantly forgive each other as long as those actions were not done deliberately to hurt the other or make the other person feel bad. Deliberate and constant actions require scrutiny, and in most cases, it is best to leave while you can.

So there you go. Which of the points best resonates with you? See you.

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