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Tonia Elendu Chef and Nutritionist
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Eating Healthy on a Budget in Nigeria: Is that possible?

Eating healthy on a budget in Nigeria almost sounds like a myth. First, it is almost impossible to find a healthy-food focused restaurant. And when you do, the second problem is cost. Are there restaurants that can offer healthy and budget-friendly Nigerian meals? Are they readily available? Let’s check out some of these places.

Based on research, the average Nigerian is likely to suffer heart disease, high blood pressure and other health-related issues due to the high carbohydrates and fast in Nigerian meals. The drive to eating healthily is on the rise but do we have the time and budget for this new lifestyle?

During an interview conducted by NANS with Mr Iyanda, a cardiologist, he described Nigerian diets as unhealthy and likely to cause various heart and general health diseases due to their high cholesterol and carb content. Therefore, a need to eat healthy and low carb meals while maintaining a budget is necessary but where and how does one go about this?

John is a young 8-5 worker or 6-11(including Lagos traffic, lol) who needs to make a 360o  turn in his diet but the lack of readily available meals, time constraints and budget-friendly restaurants is a setback. He would rather eat what’s easily accessible. Less stress right? Are you a John? Help is here!!!!

Below are results from food critics – DeCritics, on restaurants in Nigeria that offer such services:

  1. Nellies
  2. So fresh
  3. Veggie Victory
  4. Delectibles


A healthy snack and meal restaurant. Deals with gluten-free, keto and low carb meals and snacks. Located in Lagos at Ikeja and Lekki) and in Abuja. Open Monday – Saturday from 9 am-6 pm. They also offer meal plans to help you keep your healthy and fit lifestyle on track. Orders can be made on their website for pick up or delivery.

So fresh

 One of the top pioneers in the healthy food industry. They offer a wide range of fresh salads, juices, smoothies, parfait and other quick on the go healthy meals. Their products are fresh, nutritious and budget-friendly. Located in Lagos (Lekki, Ikeja, Festac, Oniru, Surulere etc) and Abuja (Gwarinpa, Gbagada). Open hours: Monday – Saturday, 7am-8:30pm and Sunday, 12pm-8pm.There are provisions for detox and meal plans. Orders can be made at their stores or online, delivery and pick up options are available.

Veggie Victory

First vegan restaurant in Nigeria. They offer wheat gluten, veggie burgers, as well as Nigerian main course dishes like egusi and efo riro. They also offer beverages such as smoothies. Located at Ikoyi, Lagos. Open hours:  Monday – Friday (10am – 8pm). Saturdays( 11am – 8pm).


An online restaurant that provides healthy, homemade snacks and meals located in Umuahia, Abia State. They offer healthy bread, parfaits, greek yoghurt and more. Though a new-be in the healthy food industry, they show a lot of promise with their budget-friendly snacks and excellent customer service. Open hours: Monday – Friday, 9 am-5 pm. All orders are made online with delivery and pick up options available. If you are in the southeast and still doubting check out delectibles. With delectibles, eating healthy on a budget in Nigeria is possible.

We think it’s safe to say that eating healthy meals and snacks in Nigeria is a possibility. Hope you found a restaurant close to you? Did you find this helpful? Want us to do a critique of your food or help investigate a lifestyle establishment? Contact us here or read more about our lifestyle articles here. DeCritic are Nigeria leading copywriting agency, PRs and critics on lifestyle, movies, music and brands.

Please do leave a comment and share your thoughts with us.

Tonia Elendu is a nutritionist, a chef, and a guest content writer on Food and Health. She can be reached at +2348050950436

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