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how to be productive
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I don’t know what is going on in your mind right now. When I was growing up, we take tea in my house and not coffee, so don’t blame me. In the foreign and corporate movies, I have watched, coffee was a thing. This made me see coffee as something that is usually taken for official purposes. This mindset also changed again when I got into the school system, and I found out that people take coffee as an energy booster to help them stay awake and productive. How then is it possible that I finished my 4-year course as a medical student, and didn’t taste coffee? Here is how to be productive without damaging your health with caffeine.

Natural Ways how to be productive for long hours

Most people find it hard to stay awake without gulping down one or two cups of coffee, students, and workers as well. This addiction or habit don’t only cause damage to your health, it also invariably makes you a slave to it and takes away your willpower to control your mind’s productivity. So, these are the ways you can be productive without coffee.

Master your body

So many people don’t know how the body works. Do you know that there are times when your body is at its best active and all the essential components like your brain become fully functional? Do you also know that this varies from one individual to another?

While in med school, I discovered that I am an early morning person and less of a night person. Oh, you must be wondering how I passed in flying colours. While others struggle to keep awake, I know just when to sleep and when to wake. Imagine how productive and studious that made me. So, when are your productive hours?

Train your mind

You must be tired of this word now, but trust me, you must embrace it and make it a part and parcel of you. It is one thing to know when you are productive but then it is another thing to utilize It to the fullest. What coffee does for you is that it keeps you awake against your will. Even if you want to sleep in between, it still forces you to be awake. Remember that being awake doesn’t necessarily mean that you are being productive.

Maintain a healthy lifestyle

Taking a glass of smoothie in between work can give you all the energy you need. Try not to eat heavy, before going to bed. Just keep light and exercise regularly.

Have a good sleep pattern

The majority of persons falter in this. We all are always caught up in a long list of activities that usually make sleeping difficult.

Just have this in mind, for your mind to be functional and your whole body to be functional, you need a sound sleep. It could be for 4-8 hours at night, and 1-2 hours of nap during the day, but whatever it is, cultivate a healthy sleep pattern and you will discover that you don’t need coffee or other stimulants to be active.

I know many people believe in doing whatever works for them. That is good but not when what works for us is detrimental to our wellbeing. Just try as much as you can to reduce your intake of coffee and other caffeinated drinks and try getting by the natural way. That is one way how to be productive.

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