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The death of coronavirus and the rise of the next good-evil
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The death of Coronavirus and the rise of the next good-evil

There will be no need to mince words – the coronavirus has shattered the world. The current display of events can only be imagined in large theatre halls with popcorn and soda. This bedlam is like playing out the series in contagion World War II or some other zombie-like movie. Who would have thought lives would be disrupted, businesses ruined, hopes and aspirations shattered? A lot of theories have been propelled. Some say that the breakout of the current pandemic is a prelude to the biblical Armageddon. Others ascribe this pandemic to a master plan of China to take over the world through COVID19 and 5G, never mind how bizarre that narrative is. Will man be forced to embrace chips inside the body? That’s another worry. However, the greater concern hinges not on the current manifestation of events, but its aftermath. Whether these theories are valid or not, one thing is certain – the world will never be as we know it.

The rise of the next good-evil

The future of the end of this virus will come in a twist of evil and good. Global economic trade will be hindered, and without an incentive to foster global trade, there might be a tilt towards internal revenue generation, which to a large extent might promote self-sufficiency amongst countries but stiffen international trade. Nigeria will weep from the fall of oil wealth. The thought would come, but it would be madness for the government to look internally for continued aggressive tax on companies and employees, as this may result in a fierce riot. 

The joys experienced in communion will be attenuated by a greater appreciation of self-company. So instead of saying “We can have this discussion over coffee”, there will be more cases of “do we really need to meet in person?” Physical communication amongst acquaintances will reduce and if not handled effectively, cases of depression and drug abuse will rise.

Employees will suffer the harsh realities of meagre income, the impracticability of saving, and broke employers. Some employers will be forced to retrench workers and create time to do some jobs themselves. Yet, the realities will force some employees to push back, thus provoking a revolution of the ‘employees voice.’ 

However, the story is not all gloomy. The aftermath of this crisis will result in more opportunities for remote work, and invariably, work-life balance. It will also bring about the rise of digital and IT skills, the discovery of alternative ways to rather outdated work patterns, it will improve work efficiency.

Religions will be questioned as they will be made stronger. A lot of the faithful will find solace in worship at the comfort of their homes.  

Perhaps, just perhaps, African governments might give the much-deserved accolades to their medical and educational sectors as being the MVPs of the time. Our unsung heroes will be given a voice, and suddenly, teaching might become more attractive. A microbiologist won’t be found counting money in the bank anymore, but will actually practice.

There will certainly be a reassessment on how we consume; how we acquire; what we buy. If that asoebi is not bought, that awesome car is not acquired, that dream vacation spot is not visited, this lockdown has taught us that we won’t die if we don’t make those extra expenses. Overall, priority will be given to things that are actually important.


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  1. Nice write up.
    The COVID-19 Pandemic has come with extreme hard lessons to be leant and the world will certainly not be the same again after it’s ravaging effects.
    Cheers Chiamaka

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