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10 Powerful Quotes from Movie – Self Made

There is always the first richest woman in every country and this story is exciting especially in modern days when the society is finally acknowledging the misgivings of its structure against women. For America, the first self-made African-American-Millionaire was Madam C.J Walker. Her story was told in the book “On Her Own Ground” by A’Lelia Bundles and was released as a movie on Netflix in March 2020. The ‘Self Made‘ movie reflects the realities of our daily struggles as men and women alike. That, which keeps many awake at night – how do I make it and from where do I begin?

1. Never get your money where you get your honey.

This was an inciteful didacticism from Walker’s father to Walker (the husband of Madam C.J Walker). It admonishes men to be careful of the sensitive nature of doing business with a woman whom one is in love with. The advice actually goes for women too. It is a messy affair to mix business with pleasure.

2. Never run back to what broke you.

We often in life tend to go back to what broke us hoping that it will mend us or that we will find solace. We forget the dark reality of delicate life – nothing remains the same. Even when a broken relationship is mended, it never remains the same, especially when that relationship hurts you bad.

3. Dreams are God’s way of showing us his plans, the good Lord don’t want us to just sit and wait for things to happen, gotta go out and light a match under whatever it is you want…God helps those who help themselves.

This should sink into the minds of some Christain fanatics who often think that by sitting and praying, their wishes will come to them. Even one of the apostles wrote – prayer without works is dead. So, why not go out and light a match under whatever it is you want?

4. ‘She needs me’ – ‘No she doesn’t. Madam needs to be alone’

When invited for a hangout after the disappointment over the dinner-business hosting, Mr Walker had decided to stay to console his beloved wife, whom he believes will need him, but the salesgirl, Dora, had replied otherwise. That statement formed the entire emotions, problem, and idea behind the Walkers’ relationship. Does a woman need a man, or can she survive being alone? Can same be said for a man?

5. See, I’ve been silent most of my life. But something changed when I started selling my product and telling my story. There’s power in it.

Madam C.J Walker had started off under the hope of growing in paid-employment. She had reached out earlier for collaboration with her mentor but was rejected. She decided to tell her own story and sell her own product (well she stole someone’s else’s’ product). And she discovered the power of telling her own story.

6. Now that I’ve finally learnt to tell my story, I can’t be silent anymore.

Like every one of us at De Critic, having leant to tell our story, we couldn’t be silent anymore. When you find your story, you will find it impossible to be silent anymore.

7. Hair is power

Do you remember the movie ‘Scent of a woman’ where Al Pacino was saying ‘the beauty of a woman is in the hair’? Indeed, we have often seen many ladies referred to as ‘ugly’, only to see them radiating in beauty after their hair-do. Hence P-Square sang ‘nobody ugly’. And a lady with great hair knows how much power she possesses. Hence Madam says ‘wonderful hair leads to wonderful opportunities’. Ask them, ladies.

8. When God dreams, he dreams big. And I decided to follow his examples.

This got me cracking up. Anyways, I guess it was written in the book of Peter – be ye perfect, just like your father is perfect.

9. Son, you and me, we need a good woman to survive… you got that now with Sarah. You ’bout to lose it, because of what? You ain’t got enough attention? You’re lonely? get a hobby.  Because whatever you’re feeling right now, trust me, regrets hurt worse.

Again, that was an old man echoing wisdom to his young son, who will later come to regret his actions. Sometimes, we lose what we have because we do not appreciate it, or know what really matters beyond the temporal unsatisfaction we feel. Before you start cheating, you may want to ask yourself – what is really important to you.

10. You were supposed to be different. Supposed to be on my side. Turns out, you’re just like every other man. You want a walker girl. That ain’t me.

Personally, I think Madam C.J Walker was a bit more selfish in this statement. If you watch the movie you can tell from the beginning scenes, that she is going to have issues with the man soon. The way everything is about her alone and the business, the way she sends him around, the way he sits and waits for her instructions, the fewer thanks from her, her careless reckless dismissal of his ads meant to promote her, etc. Anyways, the man has his faults, because when you get your money where you get your honey, shit happens.

Do you think it is a good movie? What quotes can you remember or what struck you? Rate and comment below.


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