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If you are reading this, you are either a business owner looking for how to get more leads and customers via engaging a copywriter


A copywriter hungry for ways to improve your copywriting skills

Let us begin with you, the business owner

Why do you need a Copywriter?

Let’s face it – the life wire of every business is customers

The job of a good copywriter is to

• Sustain your relationship with customers

• Get you new leads and customers through good copies

• Convert readers into customers

A marketer or an Advertiser is not necessarily a copywriter. That explains why you may do a lot of email-marketing; do a lot of Ads on Google, LinkedIn, Facebook or Youtube and still get little or no positive response.


Do you know that copywriters write those convincing speeches for congressmen, salesmen and Presidents?

Do you know that with a disruptive headline, attention is drawn?

Do you know that professional Copywriters are behavioural psychologist who understand how to engage the mind?


Our Achievements

Winner of the Mea-Markets African Excellence Award for
“Copywriters Agency of the Year 2020”

DeCritic is a multi-award-winning copywriting agency focused on helping brands and individuals thrive through exquisite contents.

DeCritic is also awarded to be the best copywriting agencies in Nigeria by Sortlist International.

Why You Need Us

It’s not just about what you think your target audience wants, that ship has sailed. It’s more about what they need and how you can present it to them.

De Critic has observed how difficult it can be to worry about running a business or rendering a service, and still bother about creating a valid copy to sell it to the right audience.

You definitely crave being able to have that peace knowing that your brands, websites, emails, social media pages, or blogs are getting the right engagement they deserve, don’t you? That is why you need us.

We did not get awards for being like every other copywriter out there. No! We are strategic, focused and result-oriented.

What We Offer You

Cater to your general copywriting needs such as; SMS copy, blog articles, book, white papers, website content, product description, email marketing, ad copy, media sales funnel, etc.

Create persuasive content for your landing page and personal website.

Help you sell anything, from services to personal skills through the right content

Generate content that focus on a specific audience

Direct traffic to your site


At De Critic, we are concerned with bringing ease to our clients by handling the challenges they face in the process of making a copy that makes them money without stress.

With our services, the task of always creating content and keeping your websites and blogs active will be taken off you.

Our team of expert copywriters will create engaging copies targeted at the right audience that will keep them coming back for more.

(We take care of everything copywriting and our words sell anything! Chat now on WhatsApp +2348119832176

You Get More…

Hiring De Critic helps you get more at a very affordable price. Because we have your interest at heart, and we value our name, we give you the very best you can think of.

On the basis of an agreement, we will provide you with trained copywriters who will continue to manage your website or blog to measure the progress of our content on your brand.

Unlike other copywriting agencies, we make sure our quality contents make an increase in your sales, and our disruptive headlines direct more traffic to your site. Ultimately, you get a whole package at an affordable rate!

Our Winning Formula Helps You Win Too

As the best copywriting agency in Nigeria, we have a winning formula that our clients benefit from when they choose to trust us.

we have marketers, journalists, psychologist, copyright lawyer, and researchers in-house all working together to give you the best copy.

Our contents are SEO tailored. Won’t you rather get better contents that will redefine you and your brand and give you your money’s worth? 

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    decritic best copywriter in Nigeria won awards as the leading copywriters and digital pr and critics