CORONAVIRUS: Eliminate or spare the victims?

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We have all heard of the Corona Virus spreading very rapidly across countries and has been confirmed in at least 25 countries. The World Health Organization (WHO) recently declared a global Public health emergency on the outbreak of this virus which has killed over 910 people (now 1000 as at the date of this article) and is positive in over 40,000 cases. China is not alone. The virus has entered the US and UK though at a minimum threshold. But the gravamen of this article is the lamentation of a huge percentage of the citizens of China, insisting that those who have the virus should not only be quickly quarantined, but their lives should be cut short so that the majority can survive. China has been criticized for thinking about the abominable. But what if the virus is in your country, would you vote for the killing of the victims? Besides, are China-friendly countries, like Nigeria, taking measurements at the border to checkmate the spread?

Recently, a report claimed that the China government plans to kill about 20,000 persons (then) that had been infected by the virus. The article published by a website ‘’ aka ‘city news’ said the highest level of court in China ‘Supreme people’s court’ is expected to give an approval or not for the mass killing of coronavirus patients in china as a sure means of controlling the spread of the deadly virus. Besides, citizens are beginning to lament over the economic hardship and restriction on their freedom of movement. Would you vote for eliminating the victims?

Before you decide, note that Corona Viruses are a group of Viruses that cause respiratory tract illnesses, including the common cold. The virus broke out in Wuhan, China at the end of 2019. Scientists believe the symptoms of this deadly disease include fever, cough, and shortness of breath. Unfortunately, these are like normal flu symptoms and such symptoms are believed to emerge 2-24days after exposure to the virus. No cure is known yet, and death is certain on its victim.

However, the right to life is a fundamental right, that cannot be taken away except by lawfully allowed means. In most cases, that right is taken away when the person has committed a serious crime like murder. The victims of the Corona Virus have committed no crime.  In fact, they could lay claims that the government has failed in the social contract to provide protection for their lives. Their only sin was being a citizen and being at the right place, at the right time. Does it behove the government to seek out their death, instead of their own consent to euthanasia? In law, the right of the safe citizens to life, cannot justify terminating the right to life of the other victims. Restriction by way of confinement may be okay, but to go further to elimination?

What do you think? Eliminate the victims despite their will, or simply quarantine them? Let us know below.

Written by Joseph Oche
Joshua, Oche Joseph is a mechanical engineer. He is also a trained professional writer. Joseph is enthusiastic about righting wrongs, passionate about goals, and hardworking towards life.