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Lagos, a beautiful vibrant city unofficially recognized as the Economic Capital of Nigeria,  is one of the most challenging and stressful cities in Nigeria to work. From the dark mornings to the long office hours, down to the crazy traffics, an average Lagosian struggle to create and maintain a healthy work-life balance. With all its hustle and bustle, this flourishing city also has thrilling ways and avenues through which one can have fun and relax. This surely cost money. Lots of it. This adds to already existing work pressure along with bills that are, unfortunately, always on the increase.

This brings my attention to a post I saw on LinkedIn by David Ayodeji J. asking a very interesting question and I put it forward to you.

‘An employer calls you in for a chat about a job you just got. She starts with a congratulation on the new job and how excited they are to have you.

She then tells you they would love for you to function optimally and goes ahead to explain the 3 packages for the job.

Here they are:

1. Work full time (9-6) daily with staff bus and lunch. Salary: 200k and above.

2. Work remotely with modern and internet allowance. Salary: below 120k with extra 10k internet allowance.

3. Work 3 days in the office and two days remotely. Salary: between 150k to 190k.

Which of these options would you pick and why?

Reply in the comments below and you will be helping us to take this survey to the knowledge of Lagos employers.

Written by Chinenye Chukwudebelu
Chinenye Chukwudebelu is a professional copywriter/content writer that enjoys writing about brand's products/services and lifestyles. She is also an investment banker and a data analysis enthusiast. She has a great voice and she is shy.