Locked down for 48hours, here is an idea we found…

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I am sure by now you are thinking I was locked up because of coronavirus? Naaa. Let me take you back to the 9th day of October 2018.

It was a joyous birthday and the day had gone so well, before that night. Chuks had suggested we popped into Tasty Fried Chicken, Awolowo road Ikoyi, Lagos Nigeria, and I obliged (of course I wasn’t paying, it was my birthday). We swallowed down some yoghurt and drove towards home. A few hours later, I was to leave this world. I had swallowed some serious food poison ie the yoghurt. I was rushed to the hospital where I regained consciousness after some drip sessions. In the next 48 hours, I voluntarily locked myself down. I made some calls to the brand to warn them of the products they offered, but they were irresponsible about it. I had no evidence of the product except my witness. I was angry about it, and began to ruminate over the incident. Then… an idea struck me…

so locked down for 48hours, an idea we found

Emmanuel Okonkwo – decritic.com

Consumers are always inundated with offers of various products and services, but there is hardly anyone who tells the truth about these products and services. Many have regretted the choice of some products/services. How about a blog to focus on exposing bad brands and promoting good brands, amongst other things? Viola! That was it! De Critic was born, to critique and expose brands! My gosh, I am a copywriter writing for international and local brands and media agencies for over 3years as at then, why shouldn’t I float this idea?

But I couldn’t do it alone, so I made out to go contact my friends from within and overseas.

I had the perfect partners, who are also trained expert copywriters and content writers. They were freelancers but also had other professional jobs – banker, IT, Engineer, Marketer, Mass Communications, etc. We would float this idea and create value for readers/consumers about brands. We would also add areas that were particular to us – lifestyles, music, movies and legal. We would plan for 1year and kick-off in late 2019.

I met the shy and brilliant one

Chinenye Chukwudebelu – decritic.com

I met the gentle and stubborn one

Tobe Nosike – decritic.com

I convinced the crazy and funny one all the way from South Africa.

Nicoline Kriek – decritic.com

And the young and fiery one, all the way from Bayelsa.

Joseph Joshua – decritic.com

Guess what? Within a few months of putting ourselves together, we hit international recognition and was awarded one of the top 10 best copywriting agency in Nigeria. We were helping brands promote their products after our independent investigations. We were condemning bad brands; analyzing lifestyle issues, and all; getting ads and managing brands media handles, and engaging our over 6.5k and rising active readers from all over the world, majorly Nigerians and South Africans.

So, here you are, locked down by coronavirus. Are you thinking? Are you planning? Are you surviving? ‘To lie down resigned to fate is madness!’ – (The gods are not to be blamed). Now comment below and encourage the idea.

Written by De Critic
Ifeanyi Emmanuel Citadel Okonkwo is a professional content/creative writer; a critic and a lawyer. He is a published writer internationally and locally. He holds Bachelor Degrees in Law and Philosophy; Diploma Degree Music, Content Writing & Marketing; and a Masters Degree in Law. He has written for some of the world best marketing agencies, influencers, blogs and magazines. He is crazy, rational, fun and balanced.