Reflecting on the Bright Side of COVID-19 Pandemic

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Reflecting on the Bright Side of COVID-19 Pandemic

It is no news that the COVID-19 pandemic is one that has left us no choice but to remain under closed doors. All over the world, people are forced to remain indoors with family, work from home and maintain self-isolation. But only a few are reflecting on the bright side of the COVID-19 pandemic. Let us pause to reflect on some. 


Couples are forced to stay together indoors, quarantined in love. Hence, it is all thanks to Coronavirus that many unstable and shaky marriages will survive. Couples will get to be forced to remain behind closed doors and sort out their differences without a third party, get to know each other more. Friends and other relations are getting tested and appreciating what is, rather than what they think.


Digital tools are proving to be more vital than ever. Businesses are struggling to stay in business amidst this pandemic and some tech companies are seeing a boost in revenue. Millions of people indoors are now turning to digital means to continue their daily lives. Tech companies, enjoy this while it lasts.


 Ahhh, Telecomm networks; MTN, Globacom, Airtel, 9mobile and the rest of them must be on a groove during this period. As a result of this pandemic, we have been forced to remain indoors, but we have to stay outdoor even while we are indoor. We have to be abreast with recent happenings in the world through news, we must call, tweet, browse, etc. With what? Data and Airtime.  Ha, I just spent 3GB in one day. Telecomm networks, Groove guys, groove.


Yes, Online shops especially the groceries around the world are simply living their dreams at the moment, and logistics companies helping them out. They are making huge profits now. Since we all are in lockdown, ordering your groceries and needs must be done online and delivered to you without stepping an inch out of your doors. Well, sales are skyrocketing. Alleluia.


While computer hackers are targeting the healthcare organization computer networks, these organizations and governments across the globe are now taking the extra measures to security.

“The World Health Organization has been hit by a ramp-up in hacking attempts against its systems; so far unsuccessful” according to Flavio Aggio, the Agency’s Information Security Chief. ‘The incidents have included multiple ransomware attempts which protection software stopped,’ he said through a spokesman.

Interesting…  there are other bad sides from all of these, but that is an article for another day.

So, let’s hear from your comment below. What bright sides can you identify from the Covid19 pandemic?

Written by Tobe E. Nosike
Nosike, Emmanuel Tobe is a professional compere, a creative writer and a brand/media manager. He is also an IT expert and accountant. Tobe is playful yet gentle and stubborn.