2baba features Wizkid in Music ‘Opo’ from Warriors: Bad Lyrics

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2baba features Wizkid in Music ‘Opo’ from Warriors: bad lyrics

You will listen below to the music of the legend who continues to survive whilst past musicians of his age are fading out. In his recent album ‘Warriors’ 2020, 2baba maintains mostly his old style for which he became known and loved. Perhaps, in a bit to maintain relevance in modern times, 2baba features Wizkid in music track ‘Opo’ from ‘Warriors’ (bad lyrics). ‘Opo’ means ‘plenty’. The afrobeat-pop song produced by Blaq Jerzee speaks of a plenty lady, that is an endowed lady. We find the lyrics terrible.

What da f…k! 2baba spends time, energy and resources just to sing about the physical attributes of an Opo lady? As if we have not heard enough of all the sex-drug-money related lyrics. Why we are disappointed is that we know 2baba to be among the few Nigerian musicians who produce good lyrics. Even when the theme is a ‘lady’, the lyrics are decent as are the vibes, remember ‘African Queen’? But Opo is terrible! It is one of those lyrics put in a good rhythm that seizes the intellectual senses of the Nigerian youth and chains them in the bondage of lust, escapism, denial, and foolery. It captures senseless words like

‘Body weh, por por, baby tell me this your body weh, por por, mi o mo pe o ma fe toyi, por por, Trigger me, oh my baby you dey trigger me, this your matter weh dey finger me..’

On a Youtube post by Definest Jay with over 6.86k of his subscribers, posted Feb 28, 2020, there were 5,773 views of the video and only 12 comments as at today, 93likes and 3dislikes. the over five hundred thousand viewers remained silent as to whether the music was loved or if they were disappointed. Whatever happened to good lyrics mixed with good rhythm?

Listen to the music video below and comment on what you feel.
(NOTE: the music is licensed to WMG on behalf of Hypertek Digital. This is simply for critique purposes)

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