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mea market awards 2020
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MEA Market African Excellence Awards, awards DeCritic as Best Copywriting Agency 2020.

Every year, MEA Markets, an Africa quarterly publication dedicated to researching and publishing the major moves and events as they happen across the Middle East and the entire Africa region, gives awards to businesses who are disrupting the status quo and beyond. Businesses considered are those setting the pace, adapting, and driving change in Africa.

The Awards Research and Investigation Team, early this year, began the process of conducting their background investigations against nominations, gathering information from various sources to create a case-file. The case file together with any votes and supporting documentation are reviewed to determine the winners.

2020 is the toughest of all the years combined, and while many believed the 2020 Award will not hold, it held. But the stakes became higher – African businesses that endeavoured to keep the ball rolling when everything else almost came to a standstill during the COVID19 pandemic and economic woes.

MEA Market African Excellence Awards DeCritic as Best Copywriting Agency 2020.

According to a Director and Awards Coordinator – Laura Hunter, she noted

“This has been a year to remember for a variety of reasons. Yet, all of those recognised in this programme have thrived where so many would have failed. I am very proud of all of you and I wish you the very best of luck for the year ahead.”


Among the awardees for the African part of the Award are mostly South African companies. Nigeria firms were nevertheless on top of the game with firms like Jiji Online Marketplace, Avalanche Nigeria, UBS Digital, and DeCritic who received the award of the best copywriting agency 2020 – Nigeria. DeCritic has previously been awarded by Sortlist as one of the top 10 best copywriting/PR agencies in Nigeria.

DeCritic is a group of young but professional copywriters/content-writers from various backgrounds like digital marketing, journalism/copywriting, behavioural psychology, business managers and media-lawyers. This diversity makes DeCritic stand out and the quality of her works has been acclaimed internationally and locally. DeCritic helps businesses create persuasive ad words, blog writing, SEOs, email-marketing writing, technical writing, academic writing, SMS and digital PR services.

The founding partner of DeCritic, Emmanuel Okonkwo, confirmed the veracity of the award and when asked how MEA African Excellence Award came to DeCritic as Best Copywriting Agency 2020, and how the team managed to achieve this milestone amidst the COVID-19 crisis, he noted:

‘With the lockdown came a massive increase in consumers’ attention on social media. Reading increased, subscriptions increased, digital ads view also improved. Businesses who took advantage of engaging disruptive content cum copywriters, pushed their image to the limelight and got a lot of leads. De Critic was simply offering a content they cannot refuse nor ignore.’

Other awardees from Nigeria includes:

  • Most Renowned Multimedia News Institution 2020 – Nigeria: PositiveNaija
  • Best Home Care Provider of the Year 2020 – Nigeria: Wellcare Home Medicals Limited
  • Blind Persons Association of the Year 2020 – West Africa: Nigeria Association of the Blind
  • HR Consultancy of the Year 2020 – Nigeria: BridgeGap Consults Limited
  • BestWeb Hosting Services Provider of the Year 2020 – Nigeria: Hostlag
  • Best Interactive Virtual Tour Solutions Provider of the Year 2020 – Nigeria: Totalview Media
  • Best Digital Marketing Agency of the Year 2020 – Nigeria: Kenneth Price Nigeria
  • Waste Disposal Solutions Provider of the Year 2020 – Nigeria: Alfim Nigeria Limited
  • Best Study Abroad Travel Specialist of the Year 2020 – Nigeria: Gibeon Travels
  • Most Dynamic Digital Consultancy of the Year 2020 – Nigeria: Argitech Limited
  • Best Technical Consulting Service 2020 – Nigeria: Allott (Nigeria) Limited
  • Most Respected Real Estate Management & Marketing Company – Nigeria: Amazing Property Nigeria
  • Best Educational Technology Solutions Provider 2020 – West Africa: Avalanche Nigeria
  • Branding Agency of the Year 2020 – Lagos: Gprints Nigeria
  • Media Company of the Year 2020 – West Africa:
  • Food Supply NPO of the Year 2020 – Nigeria: Lagos Food Bank Initiative
  • Digital Media Publisher of the Year 2020 – West Africa: Publiseer
  • Best Copywriting Agency Nigeria-Africa 2020 – De Critic ( 

Whilst Nigeria suffers from various crises this year, we must take time to appreciate the achievements of businesses and individuals that are promoting the image of Nigeria in Africa and across the world.

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