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New best practices on how to call to action

Do you know that social media is a great way to reach out to your target audience and get them to do what you want them to do?

If your answer is yes, then let me take you on a journey.

But before that;

Note that Call to Action (CTA) is not only applicable to websites or landing pages. But, also to your social media platforms.

And this article will focus on new best practices on how to Call to Action on social media platforms.

What is Call to Action?

This is the part in your copy where you state what you would like your audience to do and also prompt them to do it.

For a social media platform, it is usually a statement, with a link.

Examples of the statements.

Learn more

Book Now

Shop now

Sign up.

7 Best practices on how to call to action on social media.

Getting people to take action on social media is like removing a lion’s teeth when he is still alive. That sounds difficult, right? Note that I said difficult, not impossible.

And the reason for this is simple. No one wants to leave something they are not interested in. You have to be strategic and creative about it.

Here are some of the 7 ways you can use a CTA on social media;

  1. Marriage.

You haven’t heard that one before right?

Let me explain it using the analogy of a couple(boyfriend and girlfriend)

This girl wants a Benz from her boyfriend. She has told him a thousand times but he hasn’t gotten it for her due to some reasons.

On a side note, this girl is an amazing copywriter and her boyfriend now needs her services to help win a contract.

Her boyfriend knows that his girlfriend wants a Benz. And he wants her to use her copywriting skills to help him win the contract. So he says;

“Help me win this contract and I will buy you a Benz.”

That statement up there is a Call to Action

The marriage I am referring to is the combination of your wants with that of your audience. Like what that guy did.

You have to state what you want them to do right? But you have to also add their wants so it is a win-win situation.

For example

Sign up to stay informed.

They want information and you want them to sign up. Marry the two and put it in your statement before the link.

  1. Create FOMO(Fear of Missing Out)

Your audience loves procrastinating. I love it too. To avoid this, make them feel like if they procrastinate, they will lose out. That’s what the FOMO is all about.



This is closing soon, do not miss out on this opportunity.

  1. Promise and Fulfil.

When your CTA promises something, make sure it fulfils it after they take that action.

An unfulfilled CTA statement will say “Buy now” but when the audience clicks on the link, it will take them to sign up for a newsletter. Another unfulfilled CTA is when your link directs them to click on a link that is not clickable.

This is you not fulfilling the promise you made and that makes the CTA misleading.

  1. Clarity.

This is a clichè but it is cliché because it is true. Your CTA should be clear. Avoid being vague. Be direct and clear as possible.

A vague CTA would be;

You could try this out.

A better one will be;

Click on the link to get this experience.

Hit subscribe to get more videos.

  1. Give valuable information.

Value is what can get anyone to give you a second of their day. Tell your audience what they would get when they click on your link. Explain why they need it and why it will be of value to them. That is the information they need. And give them this valuable information before your CTA

  1. Relate it to your product or services

Your product or service plays a great role in your CTA.

A marketer that wants to sell an e-book, could say “Get the e-book now”. But, a clothing store owner can’t use that statement because it does not relate to what he is selling. His Call to Action statements should be along the line of “Buy now”.

So the relation of your CTA to your product or service is what makes your CTA more authentic to your audience.

  1. Give Directions

Use emojis, graphics, colours or arrows to lead your audience to your CTA. You do not want your CTA to hide. Also, make sure to make use of your big bold texts. You want that CTA to be obvious.

A good call to action is your bridge between your product or service. So you have to make sure that the bridge is well constructed into them where you want them to be.

Edited by Emmanuel Okonkwo.

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