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Whoever gets to click on your landing page, needs you. It simply says one thing, everything you have done to get the person to your Landing page was done perfectly. Let me take you then on the journey of new lessons on how to write a landing page.

Your client is like your Crush. When you want someone, you will go all out to get them. Before the advent of technology, we use letters. You will write tons of letters, sometimes you will even pay someone to help you write a compelling poem that will make your crush trip. After the letter stage, you will start seeking ways to get the person to become friends with you, and then gradually get to love you.

This is no different from how to write a landing page for your ideal clients. You must have gone through the vigorous process of getting them to click on your landing page from all places, including social media, your website, and word of mouth. How then do you get them to show love to you by clicking on your CTA? It is simple, or maybe not that simple. The bait lies in writing a powerful landing page copy.

What is a Landing Page?

I can’t believe I asked this question because for you to want to know how to write a good landing page copy, you already know what it is. Nevertheless, a Landing page is a single-page website where you get your customers to click on your CTA. “Emphasis on Single page”. I think this is the hardest limitation of writing a landing page copy. The fact that you must squeeze everything into a single page. I mean, you have so many things to tell your potential clients, and now you are expected to do that on a page. What this simply means is that you must put the best and most important information out there. How then can you write a powerful landing page copy? Read on to find out.

How to write a powerful copy for your landing page

Before we delve in, I just want to give you a quick reminder. They are tons of information out there on this. You have so many competitors dragging the same clients with you. Whatever products you are trying to sell, have in mind that there are millions of them out there. So, have it at the back of your mind that you need to stand out. Having noted this, let’s write your copy.

  1. How can you convince someone who is doubtful? – Humans are the most doubtful creatures on earth. Will you blame them? No. all you need do is settle your doubts. If you want to buy a weight loss product, what is it that you will look out for? As for me, I will first ensure that the side effects are not drastic. Then, I will also check if the products are licensed. Also, is the product efficient, and does the company have a good reputation? These are the top on my list, so if I get to any landing page that answers this question correctly and convincingly, I will patronize them. Hope you got the point.
  2. Don’t waste our time – For me to get to your landing page, I already read your product description, and I know what it is about. So cut to the chase, you are not the only one selling this product, why should I get your own? You have just one page to convince me so why are you wasting time trying to educate me on the importance of your product, I mean I know that already. So rather than features, focus on the benefits.
  3. A 6-or ten-line story will do – Still on the weight gain product. Go on tell me how your product restored someone’s confidence and improved his or her health. You can only tell this story if you know the deepest concern of your potential clients. So yes, you can tell that story, make it short.
  4. I can read through your deceit – This is what so many people forget. Sometimes we forget that those clicking on your headlines are humans with full reasoning. Have this in my mind while creating that copy to avoid shooting yourself on the leg.
  5. Do every other thing you know – You can now do other things, like writing a powerful heading and a good subheading. Share the testimonials. Make your writeups simple, and your page attractive. These are the things we know already.

One final reminder, things change, humans change and tastes change. So always be on the lookout. It is actually a crime to get someone to your landing page and lose them there, that will be a complete waste of energy. And if you do not wish to dabble into the science and art squabbles of whether you have done it right, do what others do – outsource your landing page copy to experts like DeCritic.

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