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It is no news that the eyes retain and recall what they see more often than what the ears hear. This is a logic that if applied correctly, can build exposure for one’s brand in reaching target customers. One way to achieve this is through graphic design which is a key tool in building a brand’s audience reach and boosting sales of products and services. As an efficient tool, the power of graphic design cannot be overestimated when it comes to attracting and keeping target consumers. To that effect, here are 3 effective ways to promote your brand and boost sales using graphic design.

1. Create a brand identity

Branding is all about creating a lasting impression on your potential/target customers and you can achieve that with something as simple as the outlook your brand projects. Your logo, as simple as it might be, can bring you the right audience! Your projected brand identity can be a determining factor for its growth or decline and this can be made possible through adequate designs and their elements which include the font and colours, amongst others.

As part of creating a brand identity, your colour scheme is considered pivotal in everything that is associated with your brand. This spans from products to flyers and even your website design. Yes, that too! A psychologist named Plutchik created a colour wheel of emotions that presents the different emotions each colour invokes. Knowing this is very essential as it helps you plan strategically in choosing a colour that positively reflects what your brand projects. It not only builds your brand identity but also helps customers create emotional associations with your brand.

2. Improve Sales via Advertisement

Graphic design is pivotal in improving sales via advertisement. This is done primarily through creative flyers that reflect the essence of the brand. This medium has been proven to positively affect brand growth as prospective customers are drawn to creatively designed graphics that also pass the message across uniquely. In this regard, improvement of sales via advertisement equally intersects with disruptive copies that help balance the designs in the promotion of brands, products and businesses.

3. Create it Simple

For reaching your target audience/potential customers, a simple design is important. As much as the eyes get attracted to colourful things, too many colours and information on a design can make it unattractive. This highlights the relevance of space while creating a graphic design. Spacing information and elements on a design give the eyes room for what I call “breathing”. The customers are able to take in bits of information albeit in multiple places and that would definitely improve their positive appraisal of your brand. To expound, instead of putting all information in a single flyer, for instance, create multiple flyers which carry bits of information. It will help your brand make a great first impression too!

In all, a striking graphic design is substantial for a brand’s image building and for spurring prospects to take action. With a great design, a brand owner can skyrocket the growth rate of his/her brand whether in the digital space or in any other space. At DeCritic, we know that deploying graphic design to brand promotion and sales increase is a great way for such a brand/product to communicate a strong and memorable message to the public. This will subsequently turn prospective customers into actual customers!

Hope you learned a thing from this. What other tips do you find useful?

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