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Listen, How Directories Improve Startup Brands’ Digital Public Relation

So you are a startup. You want your brand to be visible online so you can have the chance to sell your product or service. But you have wondered how can startup brands digital PR be improved? this article will show you, listen, how directories improve startup brands’ digital public relation (PR).

By now, you would have realised that it is a war of space and recognition as far as the internet is concerned, and only the strategic wins.

In the battle of visibility, the first thing you want to do after the creation of your website or not, is to have the internet find you. This short article will reveal the strategy that will put you in the game.

First thing first, create a website for digital PR

The truth is that you do not need a website for the internet to find you. No. But that is a route you do not want to take as it questions the legitimacy of your business and affects digital PR.

Google Business Website offers you a free of charge website which Google itself will promote and make visible both on Google Map and Google Search. It is a do it yourself and easy to create builder.

But, the Google website builder is more like a directory than a professional website. So it does not offer a lot of navigation and interface. But it sure does one thing – puts you on the internet space. And it is free! Besides, existing websites also use the Google Business Website to take advantage of Google visibility and PR.

Now, Find Authoritative Directories for your digital PR

It does not matter which country you are in. There are always regional, local and international directories all over the world.

You see, these directories are platforms where businesses can register their business and it is mostly for free. What is in it for the Directories? They run ads and offer premium services to businesses. It is also believed that they serve as a data collection centre where the State may collaborate to keep track of businesses within its jurisdiction.

But choosing the right directories and how you place your information and how you write your content on the directory, are very important factors to securing the right brand perception form customers. Hence, some brands pay digital PR agencies to handle this.

Now, How Directories Improve your Brand’s Digital Public Relation

  1. Directories Offers Visibility for Startups

It was Robert Green who said ‘cut attention at all cost!’. When a startup begins, the idea is to get noticed at all cost. The more the directories, the better the visibility. As such, at every page turn on Google Search, your brand name should be popping up.

  1. Directories Show Legitimacy for Startups

Some directories conduct search on the business they enlist. If they find anything shady about the business, they denial registration. The truth is that they have a reputation to protect too. So, when they project brands on their platforms, they are giving some legitimacy to the business enlisted. This is good for your image as a startup, right?

  1. Directories improve digital SEO for startup websites

So search engine crawlers or bots (the AI that scans through the internet and brings out search results), are more friendly and likely to crawl up sites that have been endorsed or promoted or hyperlinked by other sites.

Imagine when several Directories promote your startup website, you will become visible and have the chance to play with the big brands.

To this effect, it is best you choose directories that allow linkages to websites. Also, you want to choose a high rank Directory in search. A digital PR agency can help you with this.

  1. Directories exposes Startups to more customers

The road map on the internet is shrouded in patterns, pathways and keywords.

Some routes will lead to your website, some will lead to several directories and some will lead to other platforms that lead to the directories. The possibility increases when you are found on these various pathways. What does it mean? More leads, more customers, more income.

  1. International Directories promotes StartUp for global PR

It is the dream of every local Startup to grow beyond its shores. If you are earning in local currency and get a foreign customer, this increases your chances to earn in dollars or Euros, thereby increasing the value of your income.

Now that the Covid19 pandemic has crumbled a lot of countries’ currency, especially Africa, the need to earn in foreign super currency has become more glaring. International directories can make this dream come true.


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