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TikTok is fast becoming the most popular social media app, with a followership of over 700M. At the moment, it is the most downloaded app on Apple and Google play store. Savvy brands are cashing in on the opportunity TikTok offers, some are using TikTok to scale on YouTube, while many are asking – how do I use TikTok, Youtube, for Digital PR?

TikTok application is a very useful platform, for individuals that intend to grow their followership, and get the attention of many people. It is a platform that is mostly embraced by teens and young adults; hence, brands whose target audience are Gen Y and Gen Z taps into TikTok. However, little means have been established to make money off this app, despite its huge potential.

Although Tik Tok is not as established as YouTube, TikTok has the potential of directing your followers to your YouTube channel, thus growing your followership, organically. The creativity in Tik Tok is mind-blowing, and there are various creative ways to capitalize on this huge platform.

How Do I Connect My Youtube to My Tiktok Account?

Once you log onto your Tik Tok Profile, there is a section called ” Change Profile”, once you click on it, you will find “Add YouTube to your profile”, click on it and put the link of your YouTube page, and there you have it!  The link should look like this:

how to add youtube in tiktok

2 Advantages of Using TikTok

Widespread Presence– The videos you upload on Tik-Tok can travel very wide, and these viral videos can promote your web page, attract followers on YouTube, and boost your digital PR.

Interoperability– TikTok app allows you to share content on all social media platforms, including YouTube, thus giving you more room to grow your channel. It is friendly and transferable.

Enough. So,

How Do I Use TikTok YouTube for Digital PR?

  1. Strategic Hashtags

For every new video you put up on TikTok, you can always use strategic hashtags to promote your videos and brand. These hashtags in most cases are a result of challenges, and a lot of people jump on these challenges either for the fun of it or to promote their brand, for example, the Silhouette and the Buss-It challenge. You can capitalize on these challenges to grow your YouTube channel and other content.

But a lot of content posters do not understand how to use hashtags. DeCritic article on Hashtag is on the way. But for now, understand that hashtags must be strategic, that is, you must research the keywords that tie to your brand product/services, and then use them as hashtags while making sure they align with the content. Also, adding your name or company name either alone or with the keyword further helps to boost digital PR. That is how to use TikTok Youtube for Digital PR.

  • Strategic Short Content

For a long time, YouTube has been at the forefront of sharing online videos and content, but in recent times, and in just a short while, TikTok is taking the center stage. Why? The ability to churn out short content is very appealing to the audience. Many people that own YouTube Channels have been able to capitalise on the effectiveness of TikTok, to grow their channels. Although the growth on TikTok is exponential, it doesn’t allow the owners of the channels to fine-tune them, so if there is a need to edit content and make money off it, the best way is to get the attention of their followership on their YouTube channels. So, if you have long content, create a short excerpt strategically and use TikTok to drive your audience to YouTube for the full video.

  • Duet and Switch

There is a feature on TikTok, called the duet and Switch option, and they help you merge the content of someone’s video on your own video, I call it the highest level of lip-syncing. This feature is usually used to make videos viral, and gain traction on your page. You can use this feature to promote your page and your brand.

  • Build Your Youtube Channel on Your Tik Tok Success

There are videos that made you popular on your TikTok. Capitalise on that success and use the same for your Youtube, to build the success of your brand. The good thing is that successful TikTok users get their fame from their individualities, so capitalize on it. You are already liked on TikTok, look out for those videos that got people attracted to you, and post on your YouTube channel. No need to reinvent the wheel.

  • Your YouTube Strategy

There are many similarities between your Youtube Channel and your Tik Tok page because both of them provide a lot of content to promote your page, but whereas Tik Tok can only get you engagement to a minimum, YouTube will be more sustainable in terms of business growth. However, it is noteworthy to describe your YouTube strategy.  Whereas TikTok can get you some levels of success on your Youtube page, it is not sustainable in the long run, to grant you permanent success and to turn your fame into goodwill, you will need to churn out more productive content on your YouTube channel. While TikTok may be fleeting, it is YouTube that remains, permanently linking viewers to your website, permanently telling your story.

Final Words – Ensure that your Tik Tok Content is Precise

Ensure that your Tik Tok Content is precise and straight to the point, the same way as the content on your YouTube. Ensure that the content created is for a niche market, for example, a market focused on mothers. The good thing about niche markets is that the content never gets old, because the target market will always revisit this content, as their interest lies. It is like creating a niche for old movie lovers and putting up a movie like the sound of music. No matter how old it is, they will still come back to watch it.

Finally, brands fail for lack of feedback. It may help to engage expert critics like DeCritic to critique your content and conduct a content audit for the purpose of seeing how strong your content is for search engines; how engaging it would be for viewers; whether the content may promote or mar your brand; et cetera. Or perhaps you can say what you want and leave the experts to create your content for you. You can reach out to DeCritic now at or WhatsApp at +2348119832176.

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