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Having a YouTube video is only half the work. Once you have created the video, the next step would be to share the content on various social media platforms. In old times, YouTube required some extra plugins from WordPress, but all that has changed. Now, all you need is a YouTube Link to get your videos on WordPress and boost your digital PR. On the hand, you may integrate with galleries, plug in your YouTube page, and get a list of content from other content creators. There are many options on how to link YouTube to WordPress, and they will be discussed below.

  1. Select and copy the YouTube address from the top of your browser. It would look like this
YouTube plays in WordPress
selecting YouTube video link

Note: You don’t necessarily have to start from the beginning of the video. You can choose to copy the video anyway, what you need to do is to click on “start” and select the time. Afterwards, you can select and copy the link.

  • You can place the link copied on the WordPress Editor, and immediately what you put it in, will be turned into a video. It would typically look like this
copying YouTube video link to WordPress
youtube link to WordPress video

What to Know About YouTube Plugins?

There are many benefits of YouTube Plugins to a website. They can be used for the following purposes

  1. They can be used to control permissions to your content and gives you the opportunity to grant access to your videos.
  2. They can be used to infuse videos with large content on your page so that you can play them while entertaining a visitor on your site
  3. They can be used to get your videos uploaded in slow motion so that it does not affect activity on your site
  4. They can be used to control the hue of your videos, ensuring that the appropriate shades are infused
  5. They can be used to put your videos in order, especially when putting them in widgets
  6. They can be used to create animations on your page when your profile is being viewed
  7. They can be used in obtaining videos from various social media platforms, and this is an effective way of keeping a videos portfolio on your website
  8. They can be used to get people to pass on your video to other people, like a chain reaction effect
  9. They can be used to create songs lists while giving you the option of formatting them to your taste
  10. They can be used to give your YouTube page a comparative advantage over your competitors

How to Start the Process

The YouTube Plugin is an effective tool for customizing your page. In beginning, it is best to use this feature to get your songs cast on your web page. This will guarantee your channels running effectively, thereby giving access to whoever is viewing your page. The plugin actually comes with no charge, but it can only handle basic things like editing colour features and uploading a video to your page, but for more advanced options, it comes at premium costs.

The YouTube Lite Plugin has the key function of uploading your videos slowly so that they do not disrupt activity on your page.  It is only effective on YouTube videos, taking into consideration, videos that are accessible to the current view of your page. The effect of this is that your page functionality runs at an optimum, and your website is attractive to visitors.

The Video Gallery

This feature caters to people that want a good portfolio of their images, without adding special effects. It is a good digital PR tool. The good thing about this feature is that it accommodates videos from other sources. Also, all the videos contained on your page will be accessible to your mobile devices.  Another benefit is that it gives the website viewers the option of searching through videos, and also guiding them on how to get by these videos.

The Video Zoom Feature

Unlike the other options, the use of this feature is not free, but it is worth the expense. This is because this is actually a word press tool. This feature helps in showing a portfolio of videos that are all over the internet. A case in point, if you have the intention of getting a YouTube Channel, this tool will be very effective for you. This is also applicable in getting these videos from other places. This feature has a section where your most important videos will be highlighted, so you can simply get these videos from YouTube, or just simply self-host them. Also, this feature also ensures that your videos are embedded on your phone and be searched on platforms. It contains two tones, black and white, and they can project your videos in a positive light. You can also embed your videos on your page easily, and this generates traffic to your website. There you go, I have taught you how to link YouTube to WordPress.

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