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As a regular user of YouTube social media, I always browse through the comment section, even when I do not make comments on the pages I visit. They crack me up, and they are part of the reason why I enjoy watching YouTube videos.  Sometimes I even imagine a comment from my favourite artiste, Lionel Richie, replying to a comment I made, how wonderful the feeling I would get. Many celebrities and brands that engage influencers for content, are yet to understand the power in, and how to utilise YouTube comment section for PR.

We all know how we feel when a celebrity on Twitter retweets your message, or when a popular figure comments on your comment on Instagram. Even if you were not patronizing their goods and services erstwhile, you will be sure to reconsider. YouTube comment section is a good way to connect with your audience and make them have a favourable disposition towards you.

Getting your business on YouTube is one thing, but like every other business, if it is not sustained, it will fall. You would be amazed at the number of conversations that are had on a YouTube channel. The conversation can be had with the originator of the video, or visitors like yourself. To get the attention of your value proposition on YouTube, an active target market is a requirement, and what other means of acquiring the target than your YouTube channel?

A lot of people make YouTube videos, and solicit views, to boost the pages, but do you know that the more comments are made on a particular post, the more views the page gets, and vice versa? Both go hand in hand.  How do you get these comments? By commenting as well. Imagine if an international Star, like Davido, comments on his music video on YouTube, and the comments will roll in endlessly. Talk about the market! Such videos will be so easy to share, thus increasing the viewership.

For business owners, do not let the influencer stop at making content on its wall. No, acquire the content to post on your channel too. Get the Influencer to come in and make comments and reply to some on the comment section.

Also, comments can be used as FAQs, to reinforce your brand message, and build more content for your brand. Here are some strategic points to note on how to utilise YouTube comment section for PR:

To Utilise YouTube Comment Section for PR, Be the First to Comment.

There is nothing as dulling as a YouTube video without comments. I always look out for comments before watching videos, because no comments would simply mean that no one was interested in the video. We can understand some posts, fliers, or infographics, may not necessarily need comments but viewership. But a video? Wow, you definitely need some comments.

You don’t have to wait for a visitor’s comment before making yours, you can always initiate the conversation. That way, you are kick-starting the process and aiming for the required buzz. It also shows you are ready to accommodate both the good and bad comments and control the situation, where necessary. The most important element is your individuality.

To Utilise YouTube Comment Section for PR, Respond Swiftly.

Think of your YouTube channel as your live chat. Time is of the essence in responding to your messages, where the relevance of your video is timely. In this regard, it is important to be cognizant of the settings on the comments, so that you will be able to go through them, before posting. You can remove unwanted diction or phrases so that you don’t send off the wrong signals. Timeliness is very key. Remember, at the time they comment they are present, burning with your content. When you reply they can be merrier and reply more or even share your comments – thus leading to more engagement in the comment section.

To Utilise YouTube Comment Section for PR, Handle Negative Vibes

Not everyone will be a fan of your brand, and sometimes your competition can pay people to make a mess of your brand on the comments section. Some competitors may even do it themselves. It is important this is handled effectively. By controlling the narrative and responding responsibly, you will be gathering more people to your side. Yes, you can turn the audience against the person just by acting responsibly.

There are no hard and fast rules about what comments you allow but you need to be conscious of how you deal with critics and trolls. You can also pin positive comments on your page so that they are the first interactions on your page. Where these comments are voluminous and you cannot write them one on one, you can always use the thumbs-up sign. Please minimize using the thumbs up sign except in extreme cases of arrogant behaviour.

To Utilise YouTube Comment Section for PR, Make Conversation Worthy Videos.

Your videos are your brand reflection and should be used as such. They can be used as a call for action to your purpose. If you desire to get more views on your video, you can use your videos for such purposes. You can even call out frequent commenters on your videos and appreciate them. You can use these videos to improve your quality of services to your customers, by asking them how they intend to be served. Make room in the video for people to engage – that is the secret.

You can never go wrong with Rewards

You can appreciate those that have been consistent with comments. You can do giveaways, give out monies, or churn out personalised content just for those that have subscribed to your page, giving them that sense of high importance. Everyone loves a freebie and recognition, and that also shows that you sincerely care about those that care. 

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