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With the challenges faced by the economic meltdown, many organisations are trying to utilize spending, and social media marketing is called to question. Brand Managers are now forced to ask – Is Facebook marketing for brands still useful?

Facebook is the ideal medium to remain in constant reach, not just with clients or potential clients, but with referrals, and here is how. The university friend you are trying to catch up with, your uncle you are trying to rekindle a long-lost relationship with, or your in-law, and these are unsolicited marketing touchpoints and business promoters that would come in handy when there is a need to create awareness for your business. 

Also, in prospecting your clients, you are already presented with a very handy tool-demographics, (which include, age, sex, occupation, marital status, etc.) which help in profiling your clientele appropriately. This sole advantage makes it easy to personalize messages to your potential market, directly, and strict restrictions on ad quality make Facebook advertising one that would generate traffic and advertising options for a lot of businesses, especially small and medium enterprises. This helps in determining what content is popular and relevant to the user, through the use of an algorithm which is known as EdgeRank, and this unique feature helps Facebook in churning out the right content, to its right audience, uniquely, according to the diverse and different needs of each of these application users.

Is Facebook marketing for brands still useful? Facebook is one medium where clients and potential clients can learn about product promotions, news, and important information about your brand. If you are supporting an important cause, especially one that would interest your target market, Facebook is a cost-effective way of spreading the word.

Of course, in the area of information dissemination, Facebook marketing for brands is a salient tool in sharing updates, while giving the leverage of playing around with words and images in an engaging manner, while the interests of your target market are still retained. The limit of words, pictures and videos permitted on the Facebook platform, is engaging enough to drive home your unique selling proposition to the right audience.

Facebook is a more efficient alternative to telemarketing and research, owing to the fact that a lot of people are tired of telemarketing processes, and the hurdles and numerous challenges. Facebook is an excellent one-on-one marketing platform, where questions can be asked, and answers can be given simultaneously.

From the one-on-one interactions with these customers, valuable insights and information can be obtained from the organisations, about the actual perception of customers about their products and services.  

Prior to the advent of Facebook and other forms of social media, organisations had the sole responsibility of positioning the brand to the consumer, using their marketing campaigns, however, with Facebook, the consumer is also a partaker in ensuring that the right messages are sent to them, especially with insights derived from the comments section on Facebook.

Addressing the Downside of Facebook Marketing

Facebook marketing for brands has its limitations. The fact that the users of Facebook, are awash with a lot of advertisements simultaneously, will make users ignore a lot of them. This might yield a loss of communication messages unless the advertisements are strategically created and placed.

There is also the issue of privacy violations and abuse of information by other parties, where product sellers invade the community of Facebook users, and they may be put off by these unsolicited advertisements.

For these reasons, it is important that companies comply with the laws regarding privacy and ensure that information is not disseminated inappropriately to third parties, at the detriment of the users’ privacy.

Despite the downsides to Facebook marketing for brands, a lot of brands are getting maximum ROI on Facebook marketing. At DeCritic, we strategically learn about the target audience and the right time to launch a campaign. Leaving your Facebook marketing to Facebook AI can be messy and unprofitable sometimes. Especially for technical products, where more information has to be disseminated to the client. 

As earlier mentioned, Facebook marketing for brands is a great tool in offering product promotions, and this would gain the attention of a potential client, however, it is not enough to sustain the interest. The product seller would need to engage the client through innovative, fresh, and compelling material and launch at the perfect timing.

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