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The stats from a Harvard Business School professor reveal that 95% of purchasing decisions are emotional. So as a marketer, the ability to appeal to the emotions of your audience is an important factor. It’s crucial to analyse and understand who your consumers are, their needs and how they make certain purchasing decisions. This is where psychology comes to play. Psychographic analyses are indispensable factors in marketing. In this article, I will be revealing psychological tactics to improve marketing campaigns.

Marketing is basically the process of building and maintaining the relationship between a brand and its niche. Its aim is just to get people interested in the product you sell or the service you offer. Psychology on the other hand is generally known as the study of mind and behaviour. It deals with the evaluation, analysis and understanding of mental processes.

Marketing psychology is then the process of identifying, evaluating, and understanding the human mind, behaviour, and pattern and how it affects their purchasing decision. It is to foresee and understand what people think, how they respond to certain stimuli and how this actually influences their buying decision. It improves marketing campaigns.

Let me take a few minutes from your time and explain how you can use psychographics to get the best out of your marketing campaigns.

  • Social Proof to Improve Marketing Campaigns

It is safe to say a lot of us have made several purchasing decisions solely because our favourite celebrity endorsed the brand or because a friend shared an excellent review about such a brand or just because everyone is talking about the brand. I admit I‘ve been in such situations countless times. Social proof is an excellent way to spur customers’ interest and trigger buying decisions. I mean this explains why testimonials and reviews mean a lot to both the sellers and buyers. Ask me why influencing marketing is the new big thing in the industry and there is your answer.

  • Novelty

In all honesty, what’s your perception of new products/services? Of course, there’s always some sort of resistance before making a decision that concerns the purchase of new goods/ services, but you’ll also agree with me that a lot of our consumers have their eyes on newer products, we always want to try new things. There is a psychological name for it, it is called neophile or neophiliac. As a marketer, you have to explore the neophilia tendency and be creative and innovative. You want to add some spice to the value you offer to keep it new in the minds of your consumers. 

  • Discounts and Rewards

The effect of discounts has already been over-flogged in literally every marketing write-up. Should I be saying this? But trust me I literally wait for black sales before I make lots of my purchases. I mean who doesn’t like freebies? Discount sales are an excellent way to get a lot of attention to yourself and your brand and also generate maximum leads and revenue. The psychology of discounts rarely gets old.

  • Scarcity

Create the fear of missing out on your customers. Tell them how limited a particular product is and watch how they’ll be willing to make their decision. I find myself making certain purchases, not because I needed them at that moment, but because such has been tagged with “limited stock available”. Human psychology sees scarce products to be more valuable and important.

  • Listing in instalment:

Subconsciously, consumers are attracted to smaller prices even when they’re fully aware of the full price. Show your audience how they can pay in instalments rather than a huge amount and see how it affects their decision.

  • Imagination

You do not want to underestimate the power of creating visually engaging content in the minds of your audiences. Help your audience think about what they want to achieve and how your brand comes in to help them. This automatically gives you an edge over your competitors.

There are several campaign tactics agencies explore. But which really works? That is the question. For instance here, here, here, here, here, here, and here, are several sales on marketing campaign tips, but what makes DeCritic stand out as the leading marketing agency, is its use of psychology.

Consider incorporating these psychological tactics to improve marketing campaigns and get back to us on the improvements you’ve noticed.

But always remember, the value you offer keeps you in business.

Tired of the same old marketing campaign? Engage DeCritic.

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