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In part one of this article, I laid the foundation on what digital PR is all about and how it can help grow your business. I’ll be continuing from there by explaining some of the strategies for a strong digital PR, techniques and plans used by Digital marketing agencies like De Critic to deliver positive results to their clients.

Digital PR is first and foremost all about RELATIONSHIP BUILDING. It’s from these relationships that you begin to build links and connections which will aid in boosting your online presence.

Some of the types of PR services used today are:

1. Guest Posts: These are contents you write and publish on another person’s site. For example, I write an article on the, “Digital PR and the business world” and it gets published in The New York Times which is a strong authority for web traffic. By doing so, I’ve published a guest post (as a guest author) ‘cos though the article i’s mine, the platform (and their readers) isn’t.

2. Directory: A lot of PR agencies who know what they’re doing use this also. It’s a technique where your company name is included on a list of similar companies. It’s kind of related to an article talking about, “The Top XXX 10 Law Firms in Nigeria”. You get the point?

3. Company Mentions: This occurs when your company and the service(s) they provide is mentioned in a report, article, etc. It can be of two types namely: Linked mention (adding a link that takes them directly to the website), and Unlinked mention (no addition of links).

4. Press Release: This form of PR is done by giving out or publishing valuable content catchy enough to draw the attention of the press. When a web high ranking press publishes a story about you online, that is some huge traffic for your brand.

5. Getting occasional shoutouts (mentions) from social media influencers is also a really efficient way to boost your internet presence.


Building a strong online presence or exploring the strategies for strong digital pr for your brand requires planning (as do nearly every thing on planet earth) to make it work. Let’s look at a few below:

Ø  Linked texts: Also known as Target anchor texts are words in an article which bear a link redirecting the reader to your website or to a post on your site. It is a reference to your site that the user can follow by clicking or tapping. If I eventually published my article in the Times, I could link my website URL to the word ‘De Critic’ instead of saying ‘to know more about De Critic, click here’. ‘De Critic’ has become my target anchor text. That’s why when you’re reading an article like this, you might see some words which are clickable amongst the texts.

Ø  Online Media: This should be the first on the list if you ask me because you have to have figured out the journalists, influencers, bloggers, etc., you will work with to get your articles/website seen. Don’t just chose any, chose those that rank very well on search engine, for instance – linda ikeji blog, decritic, et cetera.

Ø  Top Notch Content: You should have an article ready on topics which are of relevance and will greatly interest the media houses you are going to be pitching to. The topic should be aligned to the keywords that describe your services/products.

Ø  Target url: Target url as the name implies is a web page/landing page, etc which you’ll be driving the majority of  your traffic to. If I’m selling a product for instance, I’ll be directing all my traffic (i.e., the audience I’m reaching) to a sales landing page which will tell them what to do. It can also be registering for a webinar, getting a discount for a limited time, etc.

Ø  Pitch: A pitch is a script you’re going to write which will be sent to the respective media channels you want to work with. You can create a template which you can edit anytime you want to pitch to an agency or you can write them every single time, personalising it on every occasion.


When it comes to digital pr, anything can be turned into valuable content if you have the right persons working on it. But much depends on your niche and target audience.

A good example of a digital PR content could be turning a FAQ answered by experts on a particular niche and editing it into content.

You could also use statistical data to prove a point on a particular issue. A colleague of ours used the streaming statistics of Netflix users to show how much harm is being caused to the environment. Even we used this to produce one of our articles last year.

The strategies towards achieving this are endless but you can either arm yourself with the necessary skills or hire a digital PR agency like De Critic and leave the job to us. Applying the techniques or strategies for strong digital PR online is not as easy as it sounds, but with strong determination and persistence as well as with the help of experts, you can get it done.

In the next article, I’ll be talking about the ways one can measure the success of a PR campaign using various tools. Would you like to read that? Let me know in the comment session below.

This article is written and edited by Felix Echeta and Emmanuel Okonkwo. If you wish to engage DeCritic for your digital pr campaign, kindly call +2348119832176 or WhatsApp now for your enquiries.

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