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What is digital pr?

You’re most likely reading this because you realized digital PR helps your business and it is a requisite for building a strong online presence for you (or your client’s) business, and you don’t know anything about it, or you know a bit but need more, or you were threatened by your boss to write this article (like I was), or whatever the case may be, you’ve come to the right place. So, what is digital pr? 3 ways digital pr helps your business online will be discussed.

Digital Public Relations popularly known as Digital PR is a strategy, brands and businesses use to build and strengthen their online presence. In a world where people are incorporating the internet in every single aspect of their lives, it’s only reasonable that brands also shift their focus to the online world and not just rely on traditional media only. They do this because there’s a very high probability these internet users would need the services they offer. No wonder the pr landscape keeps growing.

Digital PR is a faster, cost-effective and smart way to create brand awareness. Businesses are dropping print media and adopting more modern methods such as using blog posts, emails, articles, podcasts, influencers, etc., to reach prospects. With digital PR, there are so many opportunities for Brands to get coverage on PR channels.
So instead of writing a long article and sending it to traditional media in order to gain numerous media attention, you can actually achieve all that and much more by establishing what I call a ‘what’s in it for me? WIFM’ relationship with certain digital influencers (we’ll get into it shortly, don’t give me that look).

3 Major Digital PR Influencers that Helps Your Business

Like I said earlier, developing a ‘what’s in it for me?’ relationship – which simply means, building a relationship whereby both parties stand to gain big time from such a collaborative correspondence – is very key to a successful digital PR campaign. Currently, there are three major digital influencers you can establish a mutual connection with, in 2021 and beyond 2022:
i.                 Journalists:
ii.               Bloggers:
iii.             Social media Influencers

By linking up with any of the above parties and creating a working relationship where they can talk about your service or product to their audience, you’ll certainly NOT be at a disadvantage. And should you be wondering if there’s a difference between a journalist and a blogger, yeah there is, but that’s not my topic for today so let’s go back to helping you grow your business online, shall we?

I should also arm you with this important info: Do your homework and ensure your ideal target for choosing a digital influencer is based on your product. By this I mean, verify that the target audience you want to sell to are among the followers of the influencer you plan on working with and don’t just focus on the number of followers they have. If for example, you are into the real estate business, you would have greater success working with a real estate agent (influencer) with 50,000 followers than a weight loss influencer with 2 million follows; there’s barely any mutual benefit involved as there’s no correlation and you might just end up shooting yourself in the leg.


Using top digital PR in your business can be very rewarding. Here are major 3 ways digital pr helps your business:

  1. Brand Awareness Through Known Channels:
    By engaging digital PR in creating awareness for your brand, your business is being introduced to your potential customers by people they already know, like and trust (what we call the KLT factor in this world). You are converting them from being unaware of your product and bringing them to the awareness stage, and since it’s coming to them from a known channel, they are more likely to respond positively instead of using a few bucks (money) to run ads on Google or Facebook. Scammers also run ads these days, you know?
  2. Social Proof & Credibility: Seeing your business everywhere on other similar platforms also helps to build your credibility and presence in the online space. When your potential customers see your business on virtually every mutual platform, it sends a positive signal both consciously and unconsciously on their minds.
  3. It Helps Your Search Ranking on Google: Having multiple PR platforms with backlinks to your website helps your search ranking on Google so when people search for things related to your product or service, your website, product or service appears topmost on their feed.

So that’s it about Digital PR. In my next article, I’ll be talking about ways to start and collaborate with these influencers and find the right audience. We also help businesses build strong PR links so you can contact us should you need assistance.

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