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Can you buy Tecno Camon 17 Pro for N50,000 in traffic? I know, right? How about a popular e-commerce brand like Konga puts up the same mobile phone for the same price on their website? The narrative will change, and everyone would rush to the website to place an order. “They are giving discounts,” you would announce to anyone that wishes to hear.

The seller in traffic may have been offering discounts as well, don’t you think so? My dear, it’s not the discount, it is trust. You trust the platform.

As an online fashion store, I want to buy what you’re selling and refer someone to you. I want to order a size 12 and get my size 12. I need to trust the process. You don’t have to sell the product; sell trust. Trust is a rudiment of modern selling, and there are many ways to gain it, but I’ll leave you with three ways now.

Focus on your customer

As a salesperson, you should not just sell the product to your customers; sell the solutions, reliability, and dependability. Show that you have the customer’s interest at heart. When the customer notices that you care about them and not just about selling your product, they will begin to trust your process.

Reach out to them after you have sold

It hits differently on the customer when you reach out after the transaction. It not only shows that you are confident in the value of your product/service, but you want your customer’s utmost satisfaction.

Make your word your bond

‘You will get the item on Tuesday.’ Let them get it on Tuesday. If for some reason it won’t happen on Tuesday, do not wait for them to call you on that day, inform them the day before and reason with them. Your courtesy would be cemented on their mind. Besides, we get judged by our actions, not words.

The act of selling trust does not have to do with online businesses alone, it concerns even the woman selling Akara. Tell me the truth about your Akara when I ask. We understand that telling the truth might make the customer walk away, but what if you make me buy by lying, will I come back another day?

In the end, you are in business to make sales. Sales stop, you die.

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